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and its not who you deal with restricting power usage spam.

adding actual cost to the powers is how you do it, rather than all these stupid layers of power creep.

examples like shield powers
the cost of healing the shields hp should be something more like increased bleed through
increasing resistance/resilience should cause a drain to shield power subsystem
the shields maximum hp effected obviously by the power in the system. as well as the cap

dakka spam
magic power power from nowhere this is the sort of myth & magic fluff that needs to be kemo'd & opperated on,
obvious solution is to make weapon drain %based, should be obvious to anyone that discharging more energy from the system would take more from it. and with examples like the shield fix above the stupid dps spike exploits wont be needed to get through the ill-considered heal & resistance dross.

examples like crf, this shouldnt be just "lol moar daakkaa herd derp", thats assinine. there is no trade off to that.
rapid fire, as a mode, would be better served as ability with an anti shield bonus, but a loss to overall dps and significant penalty to anti hull.

attack/evasive patterns, crits & injuries
ap's at best, should tanslate to ecm attacks or targetted attacks aiming at focussing more injuries upon the target vessle. or avoiding them as the case may be

crits being this amazing +500% damage doesnt deserve to exist outside of a magic wand vs armoured orc environment.

crits instead, would be better served, and more canonically served, inflicting ship injuries that are fixed over time by crew or by the crew team powers.

i didnt post up numbers, because this isnt a post for specific numbers, its a post about general function ethos of the powers, and dragging the current framework kicking and screaming into the current century.

this is for space.
(ground game... im not even sure if its salvageable in the current engine.)
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03-03-2014, 09:42 PM
Interesting stuff for consideration, Might be worth a bit of thought

I personally would prefer things like critical hits causing the Damage to critical systems instead of massive silly dmg ( fits with the canon nicely too )

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03-03-2014, 09:49 PM
LOL howz that sposed to help us break the 30 sec. barrier in ISE with our uber-leet 50k scamitars?
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