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Welcome to the Star Trek choose your (hilarious) adventure thread, where you really do choose the adventure! I will start the story, and the rest of you commenters will choose how the story progresses! Comment with what you want to happen next, and feel free to quote/vote ideas you like! I will update the story as we go. This doesn't have to be serious or canon, in fact, funnier/more ridiculous ideas are encouraged as long as they lend continuation to the story! Here we go!

The year is 2411. You are Captain Adam Johnathan Bilson III, a human male from Earth. You have recently been given command of Starfleet's newest ship, a Galaxy-class, and a new crew. Your mission: explore the galaxy without starting any wars, pissing off aliens, catching alien diseases or anyone getting pregnant.

You arrive at Earth Spacedock and report to Admiral Quinn. He tells you that the first order of business is to name your ship and choose your crew.

At this point, you must:

-Name your ship
-choose a Chief Engineer (Name, sex, race)
-choose a Science Officer (Name, sex, race)
-choose a Tactical Officer (Name, sex, race)
-choose a Communications Officer (Name, sex, race)

These crewmen will also be your standard away team. When you are choosing them, be sure to list any notable traits (telepathy, excessive libido, bad temper, hypochondria, allergies, etc) for a more immersive story!

Let the adventure begin!
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