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(Due to recent events, I have been inspired to write this short story, if you like it, I will continue it! Enjoy!)

He was afraid.

He realized it was very uncharacteristic for a Vulcan to feel fear, but the moment his captain left her ready room, First Officer Zotek was afraid for his life. Captain Miggs was not a kind woman in the slightest, and her short fuse was well known, but this.... this was entirely new. Her expression was indescribable. Every inch of her body was cocked with raw malice and rage, ready to go off the tiniest of triggers. The captain slowly made her way over to the captains chair, her body seething with the rage of a hurricane blown sea with every step.

Zotek silently thanked the Great Bird of the Universe that no one had been sitting in her chair.

The captain sat down with a surprising amount of grace, which only seemed to make the whole spectacle even more terrifying. The entire bridge was staring in awkward silence at her now. Everyone knew she had been speaking with Starfleet Command about their new assignment, and everyone lay stricken with terror as Captain Miggs lightly drummed the intercom buttons without pushing them. Seconds crawled into minutes, and after what seemed like an eternity, she finally activated the intercom.

"Attention," she said with a voice dripping with murder "This is your captain speaking. I have received our new orders."


"Business only."

Zotek felt the air around him sour. You didn't have to be a telepath to tell that everyone on board was disappointed. He had never been to Risa himself, but he had often heard of the many luxuries the pleasure planet had to offer. Even among his Vulcan peers it was a highly regarded place for meditation. Zotek very much understood the disappointment from his fellow crew members.

And not once had anyone received any shore leave at all for almost two years. And now, they were headed to the most coveted of shore leave locations....

....for business.

Even Zotek was almost insulted.

However, he bit his tongue and went about conducting crew checks. It was the captains job, but he could tell all she was going to do was sit and wallow in misery for the next hour and a half.

*********A few days later***********

Ships from all corners of the galaxy were in orbit of the pleasure planet. Klingons, Ferengi, Cardassians, Romulans, even many Zotek didn't recognize were here. Inicial scans of the surrounding area didn't show anything of note, so he decided to make his presence known to the planet below.

"First Officer Zotek of the Federation Vessel P-G19 Registry Number 81393, reporting to Dr. Ian Emmerset of Risan Seismology Station Alpha-01 for duty," he said as authoritatively as he could.

"First Officer?!?!" said the terrified young Trill on the screen, "I was told there would be a Captain!!!!!! Where is the Captain, is she okay!?!?!?!"

"No need to be concerned," responded the now very confused Vulcan, "The Captain is merely preparing for the mission. Now where is Dr. Emmerset?"

"Dr. Emmerset... is.... currently.... unavailable. I am his assistant, Fenna Dan," said the very nervous Trill.

"Very.... well.... Please alert the Doctor of our arrival. The Captain will be beaming down with her away team very shortly."

"NO!!!!!" Exclaimed Fenna, shortly before regaining her composure. "Sorry, but, no. All transporter use is currently withheld."

"Very..... Well......."


Captain Carmelita P. Miggs lay on the control panel of the shuttlecraft fading in and out of sleep. She was exhausted, it had been years since she'd had a true vacation, and now that there was about to be vacation all around her.....

She wanted to throw up.

As she watched the planet slowly get larger and larger, she wondered what Zotek ment when he said that teleporter use had been banned. It was not completely abnormal for Risa to restrict transporter usage, as beaming down during an earthquake could result in beaming into a wall or a tree. Something which had occurred on at least two occasions.

Carmelita really liked shuttles.

The away team was a small one. It was the Captain herself, the Caitian Lieutenant H'Lutt who was flying the shuttle, Acting Ensign Erik Harding, and Blue. No one else wanted to come as they wouldn't be able to enjoy themselves. Carmelita really couldn't blame them.


As the Shuttle landed, the captain couldn't shake the feeling that she had just finished the most enjoyable part of the trip. Right outside the shuttle door was a young Trill girl. Forcing herself to be cordial, the captain greeted her.

"Ah, you must be Fenna, pleased to meet you, I'm Captain Carmelita Miggs. I was told I would be meeting a certain Dr. Emmerset?"

The Trill refused to look Carmelita in the eye, and didn't say a word. Suddenly Carmelita felt very uncomfortable, and looked to her crew for help. They however, were just as confused. Suddenly, slowly, the Trill looked up, and with tears in her eyes said very quietly...

"Dr. Emmerset...... has.... been... k..... killed......"


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