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# 21 Atb Everything!
07-04-2013, 02:14 AM
Seriously guys... It's built for atb.
Or TT1, BOL2, CRF2, APO3 For PVP
TT1, CSV1, TS3, APB3 For PVE

5 Plas DHC/ 4 Plas DHC, Plas DBB
Tractor Mine, KCB, Plasma Turret

Valdore Console, Borg Uni Console
3 Embassy mk X Plasma DMG Part Gens
5 Freaking Plasma Consoles

Any deflector, engines, and elite fleet shields
You can make a killing machine out of it even without the cloak O.o

If I had it, I would use EWP on that slot, decloak and trap them in it, chain 3 BOLS (Preload+Weap Batts) As long as you're not using Plas Leech it should be fine.
Seems OP to me...
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# 22
07-05-2013, 03:00 AM
Why nobody use torpedoes ?

Ok, DHCs are better than torpedoes, but:

1 - You can't use only energy weapons: 8 Energy Weapons = Massive Weapons Power Drain = Less Damage.

So, a torpedo Launcher could be very useful.

2 - When enemy shields are down, a good torpedo salvo can really deal massive damage.
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# 23
07-05-2013, 05:09 AM
Originally Posted by avengerkid1993 View Post
1 - You can't use only energy weapons: 8 Energy Weapons = Massive Weapons Power Drain = Less Damage.
Only if you don't actively work to mitigate the drain. Apply the correct gear, doffs and Boff skills and one can quite easily stay at very high weapon power, no matter how many barrels are firing.
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# 24
07-05-2013, 05:38 AM
PVE build.

Falchion Variant, Engie Captain

3x Fore Nanite Disruptor Beams MK XII, 1x Nanite Disruptor DBB, 1x Plasma Torp MK XII (All Purple).

3x Aft Nanite Disruptor Beams (Purple)

Aegis Shields
Aegis Deflector
Aegis Engines

Eng C - Plasmonic Leech, Takyokinetic, Cloaked Barrage, Secondary Shields
Sci C - 2x Fleet Emitter Array [+Th][+Pla], Singularty Distributor Unit
Tact C - 3x Disruptor Induction Coil MK XI (Blue)

BOFF Layout.

Commander Tact - FAW1, Torp Spread 2, APB2, APO2
Lt. Com Eng - EptS1, Aux2SIF1, RSP2
Lt. Eng - EptW1, EptS2
Lt Sci - PH1, HE2 (might end up switching PH1 with HE1 since using APO)
Eng Tac - TT1

Still grinding Rep so a few of these consoles and the Aegis set will be replaced with Assimilated, Zero-Point and the such. Plasmonic will probably go away once I get MACO shield since they don't stack and being a tank I will be getting attacked all the time. Of course the Kinetic Cutting Beam will also go in once I get rep.
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# 25
07-05-2013, 09:31 AM

Ship: Tulwar Class Dreadnought
Captain: V'Kas, Reman Tactical Operative
Category: Heavy PvE Battleship

Ship Systems:


->2x Romulan Plasma Dual Cannons Mk XII
->2x Romulan Plasma Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XII
->Romulan Hyper-Plasma Torpedo Launcher
-Romulan Plasma Turret Mk XII
-Oemga Plasma Torpedo Launcher
-Tractor Beam Mine Launcher
->Romulan Prototype Deflector Dish
->Romulan Prototype Impulse Engines
->Romulan Prototype Covariant Shield Array
->Dual Injection Singularity Core
>Console Layout

->Zero-Point Energy Conduit
->Neutronium Alloy MK XII
->Singularity Distributor Unit
->Secondary Shields
->Cloaked Barrage
->Particle Generators Mk XII [-Th] [Pla]
->Particle Generators Mk XII [-Th] [ShH]
->Assimilated Module
->Ambiplasma Envelope Mk XII
->Plasma Infuser Mk XII
->Lt. Cmd Engineering: EPtS1 / EPtA2 / Aux2Struc2
->Ensign Science: HE1
->Cmd Tactical: TT1 / DPA1 / THY3 / APB3
->Lt. Engineering: EPtS1 / EPtW2
->Lt. Science: HE1 / TSS2
The Basic Idea behind it was to make a Build that on one hand can dish out solid damage, and on the other hand Focus on the Thaleron Pulse to get a very High Burst and DoT afterwards.
Also it can tank average to good, depending on my auxillery setting.

Note: This is a pure PvE Build, and in no way PvP approved.

Note2: Hey Cryptic... why is it, that the Preview always looks diffrent then the actual Post afterwards...

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# 26
07-09-2013, 01:20 PM
I've been parsing the scimitar with this fairly cheap, ghetto build the last couple of days.

Forward Weapons: Nanite Disruptor DBB Mk XII x5
Aft Weapons: Nanite Disruptor Turrets Mk XII x2, KCB x1
Deflector: purple positron MK XII
Engines: purple impulse MK XII
Core: blue field stabilizing MK X, quantum resistance
Shields: purple resilient MK XII
Hangar: blue drone ship

Engi Consoles: blue RCS MK XI x2
Sci Consoles: plasmonic leech, tachyokinetic converter, shield absorb generator
Tac Consoles: Assimilated Module, green Disruptor Coils MK XI x4

evasive manuevers doffs x3
flight deck doffs x2

Commander Tac: Empty, FAW2, FAW3, Beta3 (yes, the first slot is empty)
Lt. Com Tac: TT1, TT2, Beta2
Lieutenant Engi: EPtW1, AuxSruc1
Lieutenant Sci: TSS1, HE2
Ensign Engi: EPtW1

Terrible, right? Here's a parse from ISE:

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# 27
07-09-2013, 03:04 PM
If I have a Scimitar, i'll make it this way:

1 - Quantuum/Photon Torpedo Launcher
4 - Plasma DHCs

3 - Plasma Turrets

DISH: Omega Mk XII
WARP: Overcharged (Flow)(Res)
SHIELD: Elite Fleet Resilient

2 - RCS Accel Mk XII

3 - Flow Cap Mk XII [pla]

5 - Plasma Infuser

Cmd Tac: TT1 - CRF1 - APB2 - APB3
Lt.Cmd Tac: THY1 - CRF1 - THY3
Lt. Eng: EPtW1 - AtS1
Lt. Sci: HE1 - TB2
Ens Eng: EPtS1

2 - Conn Officers (TT)
3 - Projectile Weapons Officers / Space Warfare Specialists

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# 28
07-09-2013, 03:28 PM
my build ( mostly used in pvp, works fine in pve as well)

ENG variant (falchion)

com tac :tt1, apd1,crf2,apo3
Ens uni (tac) : tt1

LT eng : epte1,a2b1

LTC uni (eng) epts1,a2b1, rsp2

LT sci : tss1, he2

5 fleet AP dhc fore [dmgx2] [accx2]
2 fleet AP turrets aft [dmgx2] [accx2] , Cloaking tractor beam mine launcher ( will switch to nukara at tier 4 rep)

Deflector : borg
Engine : borg
Shield : fleet resilient resa and resb ( i have both)
Warp core : Hyper injection singularity core [singa] ( cant wait for fleet ones )
Hangar : Yellowstone runabouts


Science : scimitar universal consoles
Engineering 4 Encahnced RCS Accelerator mk x [+Allres] ( will get xii when i have. it gives me 39 res to all, 24 turn)
Tactical : 3x AP mag regulator mk xii uncomon (26.2)

Doffs :

3 blue technician

1 blue warp core engineer with chance to remove all debuffs on use of EPTX

1 green battery quartermaster ( reduce battery cd)
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# 29
07-09-2013, 04:40 PM
My Scimitar Dreadnought Warbird Build (with Optimal Equipment and colour coded.) (This is an Aux2Bat Build)

Fore Weapons: 5x [Romulan Plasma Dual Beam Bank Mk XII [Acc]x2].

No Torpedoes so skill points can be allocated elsewhere. Beam Banks over DHC because this ship is pretty wide and can be harder to judge the exact point in which DHC or DC will start firing.

Aft Weapons: [Romulan Plasma Beam Array Mk XII [Acc]x2], [Kinetic Cutting Beam Mk XII [Dmg]x3], [Experimental Romulan Plasma Beam Array].

Rear beams over turrets for Fire at Will, turrets are a minor increase in Frontal DPS. The Experimental Beam is for the 2 Set bonus.

Deflector: [Assimilated Deflector Array Mk XII].
Engine: [M.A.C.O. Impulse Engines Mk XII] or [Adapted K.H.G. Impulse Engines Mk XII] or [Assimilated Subtranswarp Engines Mk XII].
Shield: [M.A.C.O. Resilient Shield Array Mk XII] or [Adapted K.H.G. Resilient Shield Array Mk XII].
Core: haven't looked at the Elite Fleet Cores yet but the preferred type is Aux for a gain in both healing and DPS.

I find Resilient Shields preferable for Warbirds in general because of the innate lower resists thanks to lower overall power levels. Also the Shield means no need for Plasmonic Leech console thereby freeing up a slot. Engines are flexible I chose them for the 2 Set bonus and the Warp speed increase, Borg Engines are a good alternative for both reasons. Deflector is for the bonus to Auxiliary power and can give the 2 Set bonus with Borg Engines.

Devices: [Subspace Field Modulator], 20x [Weapons Battery], 20x [Shields Battery], 20x [Auxiliary Battery].

I use Batteries alot, especially after using Beam Overload or Aux2Bat.

Engineering Consoles: [Console - Universal - Secondary Shields], [Console - Universal - Singularity Distributor Unit].
Science Consoles: [Console - Zero-Point Energy Conduit], [Console - Universal - Assimilated Module], [Console - Tachyokinetic Converter].
Tactical Consoles: 5x [Console - Tactical - Plasma Infuser Mk XII].

Two Dreadnought consoles for the 2 Set bonus and extra protection, all other consoles are a large boost to DPS.

Hangar Bay: [Hangar - Elite Romulan Drone Ship] or [Hangar - Elite Scorpion Fighters].

Drones are more useful for shooting down torps, Scorpions are more DPS.

Commander Tactical: Tactical Team I, Beam Overload II, Fire at Will III, Attack Pattern Omega III
Lieutenant Engineer: Emergency Power to Weapons I, Auxiliary to Battery I
Lieutenant Science: Polarize Hull I, Transfer Shield Strength II
Lieutenant Commander Universal (Engineer): Emergency Power to Shields I, Auxiliary to Battery I, Engineering Team III
Ensign Universal (Science): Hazard Emitters I

Only need one TT with two aux2bat. BO is a decent single target burst. Fire at Will should be renamed Nuke everything. Attack Pattern Omega is a great DPS boost.
EPtW and EPtS can be cycled almost continuously. Aux2Bat needs no introduction. Engineering Team is a nice large hull heal which is almost necessary on a ship this big.
Polarize Hull because nobody likes Tractor Beams and everybody likes extra resist. TSS for some extra shield healing which you will need. Hazard Emitters for a small hull heal and to remove those pesky plasma burns.

(as with all Aux2Bat builds it requires 3x Purple Technician Doffs slotted in Space)
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# 30
07-11-2013, 09:37 AM

the 3 empty sci consoles are the scimitar set consoles (not on skillplanner yet)

formally parsed at 13k dps peak

Originally Posted by originpi View Post
Strongly suggest both a cutting beam on back and a plasmonic leech console for this build, as well as an attack pattern beta of as high a level as you feel comfortable. Also, no reason to run KHG set stuff, you have no torps and that engine is awful.
Beta, kcb, and torps help, but the KHG engine has a great turn rate, is good at low power, and grants a flat bonus to W,S,A power. the Adapted XII set has the heavy grav beam, but non adapted gear is better (since adapted has the maco stats// I alternate based on the situation). the shield is good (note that the adapted power drain doesnt stack w/ leach), and the deflector has some good bonuses like SI, FlwC (for your plasmonic leach), and PG (thalaron pulse & exotic).
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