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# 41 Scimitar Beam Boat
07-24-2013, 03:25 PM
Ok I have flown the Scimitar since the day it was released, and I have tried several things. Here is what I have settled on currently, and my survivability has vastly increased.

Fore Weapons: x4 Rare Mk XI Caustic Plasma Beam Arrays (Will upgrade to Romulan at somepoint) x1 Rare Mk XII Plasma Torpedo

Aft Weapons: x2 Rare Mk XI Caustic Plasma Beam Arrays x1 Kinetic Cutting Beam

Deflector, Engines, and Sheilds: Mk XI Assimilated Borg (I know it has lower shield value, butit works, and the set bonuses are extremely nice.)

Singularity Core: Rare Mk XI Overcharged with stuff (It's getting replaced as soon as I canafford it)

Devices: Batteries, mostly I use shield and weapons

Hanger: Advanced Drones

Eng. Consoles: Borg Assimilated and Uncommon RCS Accelerator Mk XI (If I ever get theTulwar, Secondary shields are going here)

Sci. Consoles: Romulan Zero-Point Energy Conduit, Plasmonic Leech (I have flow capsmaxed out for this), Rare Mk XI Biofunction Monitor

Tac. Consoles: Cloaked Barrage and x4 Uncommon Mk XI Plasma Infusors (Will upgradethese eventually)


Tac. Commander: Fire at Will I, Torpedo Spread II, Tac Team III, Attack Pattern Delta III

Ensign Uni (Tac): Tac Team I

Lt. Commander Uni (Eng): Eng Team I, Emergency to Shields II, Reverse Shield Polarity II

Lt. Eng: Emergency to Weapons I, Aux to Battery I

Lt. Sci: Polarize Hull I, Hazard Emitters II

Ok. So I what this allows, is for tactical team to be up almost all the time, even if you aren't a tactical captain or your tactical initiative is on cooldown. I keep Aux2Bat up as soon as it cools down. I alternate Emergency to weapons and emergency to shields so that my shield power stays high and healed up, and my weapon power stays extremely high. I run full power to weapons, but even then my shields are 125 when I go emergency to shields and aux2bat. The regenerative shield set bonus will periodically recharge my shields, and reverse polarity is always there in a pinch. I went with beams because I just cant turn fast enough to keep cannons (or even double beams, which I tried for a while) on target. As I increase in Rep, I intend to get the rest of the Romulan Singularity Harness set, and the rest of the Omega Adapted Borg set.
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# 42
07-24-2013, 08:45 PM
I see a lot of great Scimitar builds here. I'll throw my Polaron debuffing build into the mix:

Energy Weapon focused/Max Flow Caps

5xPhased Polaron DHC
2xPhased Polaron Turret
1xKinetic Cutting Beam
Jem'Hadar Set Mk XII <only 2 pieces needed, but I like matching>
Field Stablizing Singularity Core with [SingA] [OLoad]
Advanced Drone Ship

Tac Consoles:
5xPolaron Phase Modulator

Science Consoles:
Assimilated Module, Zero Point Energy Conduit, Shield Adaptive Frequency Generator

Engineering Consoles:
Plasmonic Leech, Tachyokinetic Converter,

Tac[4] = TT1, ATB, ATO, CRF3/CSV3
Eng[3] = EPtS, Aux2Bat, ET3
Eng[2] = EPtE, Aux2Bat
Sci[2] = HE1, <any>
Sci[1] = Polarize Hull

Duty officers:
3xRare/Very Rare Technicians
1xVery Rare Warp Core Engineer <chance to reduce singularity lockout>

  • Maximize Weapons, Shields, and Engine Power Levels
  • Enhanced Turn Rate from APO, Tachyokinetic Converter, and EPtE
  • Damage Resists from ATB/HE1/Polarize Hull
  • Strong Hull Healing from ET3
  • TT1 is not used unless healing is not needed.
  • Singularity recharge maximized
  • Shield healing from weapon proc/EPtS
  • The omega weapon proc helps to keep weapon power from dropping too low.

The build has a little bit of play in it. Could possibly ditch the shield healing console and add TSS2. The science powers aren't really too important to overall survivability and should be optimized to counter whatever enemies you are fighting. I think that RSP should be avoided and would much rather have a solid hull heal not gimped by my lack of aux. If I run into trouble I can always Evasive Maneuvers/Singularity Jump/Singularity Shielding then Battle Cloak. Also, I try and stack Singularity Overload with CRF3/CSV3 as often as possible.
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This is my Build. I am still trying to get the Adapted MACO Shield and Deflectoe for the sweet 25% Torpedo damage. With the Omega Plasma Torpedo and the Fleet Quantum Torpedo that should really melt faces.

It has taken me a while to master the Scimitar Slide but now I can keep the nose pointed at what ever needs some killin'.

No I just have to figure out how to get the Advanced Drones...

Here is my build: http://skillplanner.stoacademy.com/?...sscimitar_4337
Career Officer
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# 44
07-25-2013, 07:50 AM
Here's my current build:


Nothing fancy, Aux2Batt build. I use the single romulan hyper plasma torpedo for the additional Beam overload on the plasma array, and usually use singularity for the beam overload power. Cloak whenever it's cooled off, coming out immediately to gain the ambush bonus again, and keep the turn rate bonus.

Hangar slot is the Advanced Drone Ships.

Duty Officers are 3x Technicians, Dlyrene, Exocomp. BOs are a mix of Romulans and Remans, all with Superior in their space traits.

Possible changes I've been considering:
Using Assimilated Engines and Deflector.
Removing the torpedo.
Swapping EptW3 to RSP2 (or DEM2).
Swapping EngTeam1 to EptW1.
Swapping EptA1 to EptS1.
Swapping out Valdore console, putting in Fleet science or engineering consoles.

Other notes:
I do PvE only, but I'm using [Acc] instead of [CritH] because seeing "Miss" makes me angry.

Any thoughts?
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# 45
07-25-2013, 08:08 AM
For Weapons
4 nanite disruptor cannons mkxii
1 nanite DHC mkxii

Aft Weapons
3 nanite turrets mkxii

Shield:Maco mkxii

4 rare mkxi dic's
plasmonic leech
phaser point defense
Thetagas module
3 pc. Scimitar set

The rest is not to be mentioned!!!
[Combat (Self)] Your Lunge deals 3252 (1916) Physical Damage(Critical) to Heavy Tactical Drone.
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# 46
07-25-2013, 08:31 AM

5 For Fleet plasma mk xii DHC

2 Aft Fleet plasma mk xii Turrets, Plasma Hyper Torpedo (mainly for the buff with console)

EPTE + Evasive maneuvers + 3 purple con officers + Keep this thing pointed forward almost constantly.

ACT showing around 6500 dps avg
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# 47
07-30-2013, 09:07 AM
Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
I know its tempting to use all those legacy pack consoles but that is why you are performing poorly, you have hardly any energy damage consoles, you need anywhere from 3 to 5 polaron damage consoles. You will have to decide whether you want to give up the 3 piece set or those legacy consoles and get more damage.
This is something I struggle with myself A LOT.

Generally, I keep the tac console slots free for tac consoles, but the other consoles are equally
important too. Sometimes, I have to be reminded of this.

SOMETIMES I only use the magic Mogi console.
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