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01-26-2010, 09:27 AM
Originally Posted by Halethyr
Had I read the article Massively's guide to STO for non-Trekkers before pre-ordering this game, I would not be purchasing this game. You may want to think about posting another article and taking that one down because it may hurt your sales of the game. Because there are some of us Trekkers out there that did not like the J.J. Abrams Star Trek Movie and would not want to play a game that touts that it is like that movie.
The article is pretty true in what its saying. Many of the reviews I had read were written by angry Star Trek enthusiasts who described the game as a monotonous grind-fest devoid of the staples of canon Star Trek: diplomacy, non-combat strategy and dialogue. Actually, thats one of the reasons I decided to buy the game.

Its funny, but at work whenever I mention STO, the first reaction is "eww, Star Trek". What I tell them is that its a really fun sci-fi space game with a Star Trek skin on it. Believe it or not, a lot of mainstream MMO players don't speak fluent klingon, nor do they wish to. I've gotten at least a dozen people interested in the game by explaining it pretty much the same way the Massively article does.

I think what makes STO great is that it CAN be fun for fans of Star Trek, whichever incarnation, and fun for gamers with little or no interest in the genre. It has serious main stream appeal and has definately captured my full attention. Speaking as a veteran of MMOs since the days of UO and EQ, and even before that with text-based MUDs, this game promises to deliver a quality experience and explore new angles.

STO is fun because its a fun game, not because its a Star Trek game. Also, the fun I'm having is prompting me to become more interested in Star Trek as a genre, which means the franchise itself could benefit greatly from this game like it did from the recent movie. I'm still not going to learn klingon. >.>;;
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