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We've added 13 new screenshots to the screenshot gallery. Check out larger versions of some of the images from this week's Dev Blog.

Link to the gallery.
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07-07-2013, 03:30 PM
There's something wrong here.

Tried Firefox and Internet Explorer and only the first page of screenshots is showing (so 12 out of the new pics), threre is no sign of the 13th pic or any any of the older hundred or so. There's just page number 1 and that's it.

I've personally never had any trouble with pics not showing I sometimes hear about on the forums.

EDIT: Update as of Monday, 15:00 CEST, it's now working. Many pages of screenshots are showing.
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07-08-2013, 06:31 PM
Gotta sell those new ships. Can we get some bugs fixed now? One the really drives me nuts is where shields and engines show shuttlecraft stats even if you aren't flying one. Makes shopping on exchange impossible unless you buy and equip it. Surely this isn't that hard to fix and it's been around since S7 was launched. Very unfair to newer players who don't know about it. Yes it's been posted to Bugs before and summarily ignored ad nauseum.

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