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# 1 SERC Recruitment
07-02-2013, 12:18 PM
The Special Engagement and Recon Coalition is recruiting.

Special Engagement and Recon Coalition is an old fleet but during the last 2-3 years was abandoned, but now it's Fleet Commander is back and looking to fill its ranks.

Special Engagement and Recon Coalition is looking for mature people with little to no drama. The fleet was created to help other players within and outside of it.

S.E.R.C.'s Starbase is in the middle of construction, but hopefully will be built complete in a short while.

There is no fee to be a member and all contribution is voluntary.

There are no requirements to join beyond what is described above.

If there are any questions. Fill free to leave a reply here, send me a pm in the forum or contact Ookami (in-game).

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