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I was doing a diplomatic mission, the one were the Klingon's atk because a changeling on your ship.

When I beamed down to the planet, first it took about 5-7mins to beam down...but that's not the problem...
when the game finely loaded the ground area, I saw my security officer near me (tho my other Named bridge crew where not there) I noticed some thing odd...I saw 2 Warp Engines sticking out of the ground and my Human Body was not there....My ship was on the ground and I could move it around tho it was not really flying...all weapons were disabled but for some reason when I moved the ship to the top of the hill, I was able to use the Hand to hand atks against the Klingon's from my ship...Now if this is not weird I'd like some one to top this Bug... I click on the beam back to ship Icon and left the game. I will log back in and see if it repeats.

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