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Since i hadn't the chance to actually test the thing on Tribble, i had to wait till it got Realeased on holo, and here are my ->Personal<- thoughts and results

1 - The Ship

All in all a solid work (just if you wonder, mine is a combination of the Scimitar and Falchion Parts) of Shipdesign, with the only Flaws i could think of are the missing engine trails for the upper nacelles and the fact, that patterns have a very hgih transperency (i have a black/red andromeda pattern, but as you can see in the 3rd pic, nothing is really showing)

Would suggest you take a look into that.

2 - The Power of the Beast

First out: It's definetly not the God ship everybody thought it is. Just flying it don't make you OP. Theres actually a very high amount of tactical thinking required, especialy when you want to use the thaleron pulse at max efficency.
My current Setup is:
Lt. Cmd Engineering: EPtS1 / EPtA2 / Aux2Struc2
Ensign Science: HE1
Cmd Tactical: TT1 / CSV1 / THY3 / APB3
Lt. Engineering: EPtS1 / EPtW2
Lt. Science: HE1 / TSS2

I was running a Lt. Tactical before, but the missing tank on such a big ship is certain death in most E-STFs. I found the Lt. Cmd Emg more apealing to me, since you can get more tank, and also more overall dmg with the EPtW2. The EPtA2 is used before the thaleron pulse is triggered, boosting my raw damage of ~48k to around 60k. Also makes your overall healing skills more powerfull.

Yeah... the Manovering Thrusters... I can go with the additional passive turnrate and the buff when the cloak ambush is active, but theres also teh Problem. I take 3-4 Reman Boffs with the superior Infiltrator trait, and the Ambush last up to 40 seconds... and so does the turnrate of nearly 40...
Here i would say to hardcap it to 5-10 seconds after decloaking, because as it is just now... nah
And the very low Inertia Modifier actually allows you to Strafe a target WHILE facing all forward weapons to it, if you drop out of full impulse after decloaking. (But i must say, it looks somewhat cool )

The passive console enabling shilds while cloaked is fine, despite they won't recharge when your cloaked, but i would close that case with "Working as Intendet" , since i don't really mind that.
The Cloaked Barrage can actually counter that, since you can not only fire weapons under cloak, but also any other skills and buffs, so, heal your shilds ^^
The Secondary shilding works also nice as a "Oh Shi.." button, and can furter supplement your GDF3 when your at 2% hull ^^

And here we are: The Thaleron Pulse

On one side you have the overall masive burst damge (reaching up to 90k when crits go in) and a nasty DoT after it (pushing the before damage over the 100k line easily).
But on the other side theres the Fact, you will have to Charge for 12 Seconds to Fire it, and you wont be able to move (much) and can't fire up any sort of Skill (Boff,Fleet,Support,Battery) making you more or less dead in the water.
And thats what i like about it, a true tactical weapon, where you have to set up your scenario beforehand to get the maximun efficency (and a hit at all) out of it.

Puh... much text here... anyway, some more pix next ^^

3 - The Bridge

I felt somewhat strange, so i rewatched Nemesis (again ^^)


I don't know what it is, but i think it's the lights... yeah it definetly must be the lights

No, i would say, just make it a bit more darker and colder in light color, and it would work out fine. But what even more bothers me is, that those are not my Boffs. I believe i already read another tread about that, so i wont go into that, just see to it and fix it at some time ^^


Looks awesome but...


...feels definetly oversized (where the actual Bridge Part feels somewhat small)
Maybe adjust the size of the matrix down a bit, and it would definetly look somewhat better.

All in all a nice Ship, with some adjustments in the above points, would make a even better expierience to fly, but hey, it's your game after all and what you make of it.

PS.: Also Brandon and Stahl, since we now have rooted out the impossibility of using time gates AoE Attacks (Thaleron Pulse), has my Fed Sci a possibility of actually taking command of a Tarantula at some time

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07-03-2013, 07:40 PM
I really enjoyed this. One of the best post around here in days.
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07-04-2013, 03:50 AM
Wow and i thought my reviews were good, well put there.

I would add that with the current shield issues, some people are quoting it as useless, however I find if you just treat it as a realy slow low sheilded escort, then your fine, I usualy run an AD and thats pretty squishy, so I fly this just the same.
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07-04-2013, 04:56 AM
i'm not getting the slowness.. currently my turn rate is down from 19.3 to 15.8 because i removed my runabout. Seems the bird is effected by the tooltip bug or something like that.. It is big, but it feels right. The inertia is correct and the maneuvering thrusters add in an extra dimension of maneuverability that we havent seen before. The ability to zoom in on a target and unload my cannon and torp then zoom out and rotate through the turn reversal till i'm directly facing the target again so i can unload my thaleron is wonderful. Strafing is wonderful. I would like to get my turn rate back up to 19.3 somehow, but i can live with 15.8 for the time being. Over all i'd say, just fix the bugs with the shields and ship over all, give it a full interior ( we did pay the same price as other ships with extremely nice interiors )and dont change anything else..

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