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# 1 Storage Space for Pets
07-03-2013, 01:00 PM
My "starship" is beginning to resemble a floating zoo and I'm considering renaming it to U.S.S. Noah's Ark.

Since the Risa special event I now have birds to go with my mastiffs, khelids, spiders and who knows what else. Not to mention the tribble infestation I've had since pretty much day 1.

It's time we had a xenobiology department add-on. Something in the z store we could buy that would give us extra storage and management capability for these beasts. A nice extra room on the ship interior would also be a plus where we could go see this things flying, howling and squealing. If you devs felt real creative some unique DOFF missions associated with a xenobiology lab would also be cool.

I know this has been suggested in various ways before but I'm throwing it out there again. It's rapidly coming to a point where I'm going to send out a security detail to sweep the ship and airlock any random creature they find.
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# 2
07-03-2013, 01:25 PM
I can dig this, like a trophy room for our pets. Good idea!
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# 3
07-03-2013, 03:16 PM
Yes. Yes. /agree.
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Welcome to the STO forums, where the evolutionary clock ticks backwards.
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# 4
07-15-2013, 10:32 AM
It's not just a pet problem, though this would help a great deal.

My two main, older toons are just about out of inventory space. And I've cleared out everything I possibly can. These toons fly several ships each with different setups for different conditions. This requires swapping out weapons and consoles. I also keep three different ground sets for each toon, along with a myriad of consumables for differing circumstances.

I'm out of inventory room. Will gladly pay for more. And before you say it; yes, I use all the tricks in the book to expand storage space.

Another idea would be to have separate inventories (current size each) for space and ground.
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# 5
07-21-2013, 11:26 PM
This would be great. Even Blizzard finally came up with a solution with WoW. Would be nice for something like that to happen here now that oets have really started to become a real hobby to collectors etc.
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# 6
07-22-2013, 08:23 AM

Originally Posted by otakuboyt View Post

I am have been playing since beta and have accumulated a large number of these items that are taking up space. I know this a has been brought up before, but it needs to be revisited.

The needs to be a change way vanity items are stored. They need to become a captain power.

Example once a pet is obtained you can either "use" it normally (so if not bound or needed for trading, missions, or crafting) or you can "add" it and it will come like a captain power. As a power it will take up no room in storage but it cannot be used for missions (horta crafting, epohh or bird raising)

To keep the vanity items from cluttering up the set power window, non-combat powers and abilities will have their own tab.

Besides pets and vanity items Transwarps and T4 Diplo/Maurad skills will also be there.

Here is a list of things that should be come what I call NCP (non-combat powers)
* Non-combat shuttles/fighter pets (Danube, Phoenix, Captain's Yacht, etc...)
* Gekli Companion
* Fireworks
* Non-combat exocomps
* Non-combat Horta (Hatchling, Dilithium) [once they become powers, you can not use them in crafting you will need to grab another]
* Small animals (Targ, Alfa 117 Canine, Driclae Pup, Jackal Mastiff, Sehlat, etc)
* Personal comm codes (Suliban, Azura, Vov'wI)
* Captain only Tribbles (Radan, Fleet, Mol'Rihan, Nukara)
* Vanity entourages
* Raise-able pets (Tropical Birds, Epohh) [once they become powers, you can not use them in crafting or turn in]
* Holiday items (Flight Packs, Party Poppers, Ice Boots, etc.)
* Data Recorder

Things that should not be stored this way
* Consumable combat pets (Reprogrammed Drones, Romulan Distress Call, Scorpion Fighters, Turrets, etc)
* Combat Horta (Horta, Polytrinic, Eisilum)
* Anything that goes into a hangar
* Ship devices
* Any other tribble
* Anything consumable
* Mission items

Now, I know what you are thinking, how will Cryptic/PW make money if all this space is freed up? My answer is people will but more pets and shuttles from the store using Lobi and Zen.
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# 7
07-22-2013, 08:58 AM
I would love to have inventory tabs, with different sizes, for different items. Pets, fireworks and anything similar that comes along would all be in one.
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# 8 agreed
07-22-2013, 09:26 AM
Yes! YES! YES YES! we need more room asap! This needs major attention
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# 9
07-22-2013, 09:42 AM
What we need is different pouches in the inventory/bank
1 for general items (Batteries, Weapons Sheilds etc)
1 for pets (Tribbles combat pets non combat pets)
1 for food (To stop tribbles breeding like well tribbles)
1 for commodoties and data samples
This will cut down inventory and then would allow us to get more pets and other stuff which means more money for Cryptic,PWE

Make it so
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# 10
07-22-2013, 01:57 PM

Originally Posted by lordhavelock View Post
This is a request to the developers:

Please remove unlocked pets from the character's Inventory,
and create a new "Pets UI Menu" from which we can launch our vanity pets.

Basically, this would function the same way Action Figures work in Champions Online. We would have an item that constitutes the pet, just as we do now. This item could be used for missions, accolades, DOff assignments, trading/selling unbound pets, etc. But once we "activate" or "unlock" that pet, the item itself is consumed, and disappears from the Inventory. Then there would be a "Vanity Pets" button that opens a menu from which we can select the pet we want to appear. In Champions, this is an "Action Figures" button on the "character sheet", but a submenu off the mini-map would be just fine, too.

These changes would only affect vanity pets. Combat pets, including carrier small craft, should remain devices/hanger bay equipment. Also, there would need to be a separate menu for each ground and space.

I assume it is beneficial to Cryptic to keep pets hogging up Inventory/Bank space, as it encourages people to buy more storage from the Z-Store. I think this could be offset by displaying locked Z-Store (and Lobi-Store) pets in the UI. These grayed-out/inactive constant reminders would act as advertising, regularly reminding people what's available (what they're missing!), and triggering desire in people to "collect the whole set". This is also done in CO (where as yet unpurchased Z-Store Action Figures are displayed in the UI), and even done in similar menus in STO (such as in the Tailor, where unavailable costumes are shown, you know, in case you want to try them on).

Then there's the fact that some people (myself included), would be more willing to buy more pets, if they weren't space hogs (now there's a pet!). I would go out of my way to collect every pet possible. I'm a Completist and Collection-nut. And think about the "money made" from just Epohhs... If instead of birthing'n'burning every Epohh I get, turning them into Marks (which indirectly are Dilithium and therefore cash), I would keep one of each, if it didn't take up space. That's 30+ fewer 400-Mark turn-ins that Cryptic would not have to pay out.

In addition to the saved storage space, there's the savings in power tray real estate. Also, if you rearrange a pet's token in your storage bag, it often gets removed/relocated in your power tray. Meaning we have to restore the icon from the Power Menu. A minor inconvenience, to be sure, but a pain none-the-less. The Pet UI Menu I mention above would streamline the whole process. Make things easier, and I bet more people would be interested in Pets.

So please consider this. Pets used to be a small corner of this game. However now, more and more, they are becoming a center-stage feature. In addition to the many pets in the Z-store, there's a bunch of exotic creatures in the Lobi Store and in Lock Boxes. And then there's the latest "mini-game" - Epohh breeding. And who doesn't want a nice home for all those cute, widdal, cuddly-wuddly, space wabbits!?!

...and this was before Khelids and Risian Birds.

Oh, and I've posted other threads about Tribbles Storage/Display, including this:

And other threads in the further past about add'l storage in general...

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