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Hello everyone!

Xiphias a casual, friendly fleet is seeking friendly players!


Xiphias is a casual Federation fleet with friendly, and helpful players that is open to all kinds of people!

We welcome diversity and welcome people of all gender, ethnicity, orientation, religious belief, and playstyle.

Members: Our members engage in a variety of activities including: STF's, PvP, and casual group content. In addition to this we have both a Teamspeak server, and a personal ingame channel to allow communication between fleet members and friends of the fleet regardless of what character they're on.

We have no requirements towards contribution for our projects. Contribute as little or as much as you want/have time for!

Starbase: Our current Starbase progression is a T4 Starbase, well on it's way to T5 as well as a maxed out Embassy with many many provisions to spare! We're currently working on achieving T5 in our base and are working on upgrades to get T1 with our Dilithium mine.

Leadership: Xiphias in run by a group of members known as the "Omega Council" these players work on fleet management for inter-fleet issues, as well as handle the creation of fun guild events including fleet raffles (Ships and other goodies!).


Like pretty much every Fleet out there Xiphias does have rules that all members are required to follow.

1. NO bigotry: We're a very open fleet, and have members from many walks of life active in our ranks. If you cannot handle diversity, or be accepting of other people's beliefs and traits, then you're NOT welcome in our fleet.

2. Good attitude: A good attitude is important in keeping a fun atmosphere in a fleet. You need to have a good attitude, and be able to show kindness and respect for other members of the fleet.


If you're interested in joining Xiphias then please send a in game message/in game mail to either Srin@chrish240 or Buster@boreas3. You can also reach me via in game mail at Blargamus@blargamus

Thank you for reading! Live long and prosper.

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