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Originally Posted by kiloace View Post
Maybe the problem is people are too hung up on the so many ways of doing it...
Had a new guy leave my fleet after his first STF run with us because, apart from the absence of a sense of humour regarding the need for a plan (which we subsequently talked over btw), apparently an 8 minute cure was a clusterf*** due to it not being done by his particular book. If you're interested, it was a perfectly executed MRRML (which we agreed on beforehand) and nothing got near enough to the Kang for us to even need a babysitter. The more I play this game, the more I come to see I simply have to accept that there really is no pleasing some people.

If you want to call yourself 'Elite' (which I find rather pretentious), then learn to adapt to and deal with each situation as it arises. Things don't always go by the book. A 'lucky' stray torp crit on ISE for example does not necessarily mean someone is a noob, and maybe it's the very folks who, instead of responding to it, enter rant mode when things like that happen, who are the ones that need to go back and do normals... I take every run seriously in terms of trying to do it well, but I'm in it more for the fun than anything else so if it fails, I just wait an hour and do it again.

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I'll second that... Someday, not far from now, they're going to develop adaptive AI coding for MMO mobs and when that happens the "book" is getting tossed.... Mental flexibility is needed especially if your doing a PUG.. you never know if your going to be one or two bodies short because of AFK'rs, or you might get stuck with a less then ideal ship mix... Adjust, adapt, overcome!

I did it on my Kui character long before the STF's got easier and it was all PUG'd.

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The very simple change I'd suggest would be to make Omega Reputation become available at level 45 instead of 50. That's when normal STFs start. Get more people to start with them, by giving them no choice but to do normal STFs if they want to get started then.

I'd also reduce the cost of the Mk X sets to encourage people to buy one of them early in the rep process.

We know they can start a rep at any level they like- Event unlocks at 10.

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