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I've noted on several occasions heavy torpedo spam by the Romulan Bird of Prey. On 3 occasions so far since the patch a group of 3 BoP's has launched upwards of 15 heavy torpedo's at one time. On one of those occasions I counted 21 torpedos, another 18, and another 15.

Romulan ships are spamming Bridge Officer abilities, taking a combat which should be tough into the range of extremely hard. I do like how fights are not easy mode like they were a day ago, but now it's at times insanely hard. Cruiser (Tier 3) shields are being torn apart by single spawn ships conning as 0 to -4, as I understand things a ship with a negative con rating should be easier to fight, not harder.

Scimitar Dreadnaught is shaking off attacks from 5-8 people, giving a fight with just that ship upwards of 10 minutes. With escort vessels (Usually battleships, escorts, and BoPs) this can lift a single spawn group into range of a 20-30 minute fight post new patch.

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