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# 1 Armour and Environmental Suits
07-05-2013, 08:58 AM
What is the forum opinion on us having simultaneous slots for Armour and an Environmental Suit. Hostile Environments are becoming more and more abundant in the game and you need one of these more and more but it is a pain constantly needing to switch over and having to use an Inventory slot just so you always have one.

I would propose that we have both equipped at the same time and the same format as in you have to turn your EV suit on and it would simply be that when your EV suit is on then you get the set bonus for your EV suit if you have one and all the protections and buffs that the suit provides and your armour, including set bonuses for that piece and its bonuses and stats are disabled. Then Vice Versa for when the EV suit is disabled.

The same with the toggle on the appearance of the character, this already happens with a glitch relating to the EV suits.

I think this would be an all round better approach.

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# 2
07-05-2013, 09:07 AM
Personally I was very, very disappointed that the "new" reputation "groundset" wasn't a costume so I could keep fast remodulation for eSTF, making it useless to me.

I think that's a bigger problem than 1 inventory slot; that's pretty much useless in the game and it's not even a costume either.

Right now you either grind to t5 in the omega rep for an actual eSTF set that's great and gives you a costume or you spend the same marks on what in the nukara?

At the very least it should have been a costume.

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