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I know there are many different threads of similar subjects out there, but I thought it important to get some info out that might help some people. I am an electrician. I am pretty good with computers but no expert., many of the basics still apply. I have taken many peoples advice and started looking through many different stress test programs and tool to help check temps. None of these things really panned out, so I went back to basics. I have come to find out that STO puts a higher draw on my PSU during loading screens than any other software I own. This includes Crysis and Rome Total War, I did not run OCCT PSU test because it specifies that it may damage the PSU. I started checking Voltage and Watts at my outlets and saftey strips. All checked out. I started looking throughError logs for my system for every time it crashed and it kept coming up frames per second became more than my GPU could handle. Now I'm running a ATI 4870X2 with a 1000 watt PSU, there is n way there shoiuld be an issue with frames per second. So I started looking closer to see if it was getting enough power. I found that I had to dedicate a power outlet for my computer. I mean no monitor or audio on the same curcit. Chances are the higher end rig you run the more this might effect you because it will want more juice from the wall. Of course part of my personal problem was that the 52" TV i use for a monitor and the surround sound were cutting into the power needs of the PC. After sepperating them to 2 seperate curcits, I was able to set STO to the default settings and happily played for about 8 hours straight. I don't think this will help everyone, but it might help some. I still think there are some people that have thermal issues. I hope I will see some more of you on the other side.

Thanks again for all the bits and pieces of help I got out there on the forums.


PS, I will check to see if i can get the setting back to max like I had them pre 1/20/2010, but I didn't want to risk it at first and was happy to get some uniterrupted game time in.

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