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Ok I was playing for around a week, no problems, since the new 'big' patch 2 days ago however, ive been getting the screen freeze, monitor goes to standby, i wait 30 seconds and it all pops back up fine saying a driver crashed and has since recovered. Naturally first thing I thought was 'but i downloaded the latest drivers, oh well ill check again' the last driver was released on the 17th of Dec, I downloaded it on around the 5th of Jan. So its not that, then I read in Zone chat others are experiencing this problem - it seems cryptic had previously fixxed it and with the new patch its returned, they hate ATI graphics cards?

Im using Vista 32bit, ATI Radeon HD 3800. I cant remember off of the top of my head the exact driver that is crashing but I will post it in an edit next time it happens. Any suggestion would be helpful - if you need more info just jot down what you need and ill give it to you, I didnt fancy posting a diag as theyre damn long.

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