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i want to focus this question in one area .
i have had the game for over a week and despite many attempts have not once got into the game.
i always get the same issue.
my first message is ' connecting to the account server '
my second message is ' connection to the account server timed out '.
is this the same problem as everyone else where the servers are to busy or am i having some problem on my side,like a closed port or something stopping me from reaching the account server?
i ask because not once have i got thru this but others seem to have a lot of regular fun playing this beta .
thankyou in advance for helping.
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01-23-2010, 07:29 AM
Its problem on their server and many many...people have disconnects.
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01-23-2010, 07:33 AM
One thing I can suggest ... on your launcher there are options .... make sure that the Proxy is set to "None" .... mine was set to "U.S." and I was having all the problems you are .... I set it to "none" and 90% of my problems went away.
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i checked and my proxy was already set to none,i moved it to eu but no change.

i am currently on none and situation has not changed.
is it possible a port is being blocked?
if so which port and how would i unblock it?
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01-23-2010, 11:46 AM
download and run nettest it will check your ports (a sample the game uses full range is 7000-7500 tcp)

Go to
Download this file and run it
A command prompt should appear running the test automatically
Do alt prtscn (besure the nettest windows is the active window) to Copy and paste the results in paint and save as jpeg and attach it in a post in this forum
Good results have column 1 and 3 with values around 300- 500kb/sec, column 2 with 20kb/sec

you can also do a tracert

to chaeck the route you take to cryptic.

ports can be blocked by your firewall your router or by your ISP.

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