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# 1 when are you going to add?
01-23-2010, 11:54 AM
most mmo's have a button in the video settings that detect optimized settings based on hardware. i see where the option is going to be, but it is not active yet.

right now my gateway p-172 fx which has 3 gigs, intel core 2 duo 2ghz, 512mb dedicated 8800m nvidia can't handle game using full testure and high everything 16x asotropic and no antilaising.

if i turn off full text rendering then i can work however with lag

what's concerning me is i can run lotro with full 16x asotropic and everything on high, which is third level and it runs about 60 fps, ddo online runs 30 fps with same settings because more people are on it; ddo is free.

lotro graphic look more realistic, so why does this being more cartoonish, not even directx 10 i can't run on high?

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