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I am experiencing a significant graphical error when the following options are enabled (individually or in any combination). Essentially, my screen flickers, parts of it going black while other parts are shown, in no discernable pattern. The menu system is not affected (I know this because I was testing the different options while this was going on).

I'm not sure how to report this for work by the devs other than this forum, so please feel free to let me know the correct procedure. The options causing this error are:

1.) Shadows [Set to Medium or High; Low setting does not produce error]

2.) Screen-space ambient occlusion [Set to On; Off setting does not produce error]

3.) Cinematic Focus (depth of field) [Set to On; Off setting does not produce error]

I tested this by reducing quality to Low, where the error stopped, then testing each option in the Advanced section of the controls. My quality is now set to Maximum, with the three listed options in their Low/Off positions.

The above was all done in the Mess Hall at the very beginning of the game.

When I ventured to the bridge, I found other heavy glitching, but only when the view was rotated. Even with quality set to Minimum, this still occurred. This problem disappeared when I went to Transporter Room One, then reappeared even worse once I was beamed to the Khitomer.

The game is essentially unplayable at even minimum quality level while this is going on.

My system stats are as follows:

Vista Ultimate 64-bit SP2
Intel Core2 Extreme CPU QX9650 @ 3.00Ghz
ASUS Rampage Extreme [BIOS v1202]
2x ATI Radeon 4870x2 [Driver v8.632, 7/2/2009] in Crossfire configuration
1x 150gb Western Digital Raptor 10kRPM HDD
3x 640GB Western Digital 7200RPM HDD [Raid 5]
Boreas mTec case and liquid cooling by CoolIT Systems [CPU and GPUs]

If there are other system stats that would be useful I can provide them as needed.

EDIT: As it turns out, AA was being forced on by my ATI drivers. Due to the apparent incompatibility with ATI video cards at this time, this was causing the graphic errors that I experienced. I download the ATI Tray Tools (since ATI's support site is down) and turned this option off, and the errors went away.

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