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Since 6am this morning (British Time) So almost 12 hours Several of us have put in Ingame Reports and there has been several Posts on the Forums about Broken Negh'var Starships Overpowered Stacking Boarding parties:


To name a few of the several hundered posts and after almost 13 Hours there has not been 1 reply by forum or by ingame Devs or GM's... Im sorry guys you got a good game and a great titlec but your lack of support is somewhat Awful.

All we ask for is a recognition that it is broken or that is working as it is intended (which i can hardly believe as im sure you want us to play the game not sit in space while our weapons are on a 40 minute cooldown from 1 ship).

Just please answer us just give us some acknoledgment you have read our posts and that you are dealing with it asthe game atm in tier 2 is Unplayable if you are doing klingon missions.

1 week away from release guys alot of people dont think your ready and after last night mess up i am having strong doubts also

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