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i have a lot of bugs i could "report" but i get accused of whining so i'm gonna try and be "constructive" although i'm feeling very disheartened about doing this as frankly i think no one is listening.

so i hit 50 on my Alien Romulan...still didn't get a lvl 31 boff pack and my paid for name change still shows the wrong name in the skills abilities/selection thing and the game still thinks my alien is a Romulan...but i digress...

so i hit 50 on my Alien Romulan..and i set about getting an initial loadout for the ship using episode replay.

and in multiple quests (probably all of them) cutscenes don't work properly.

either my Khev (and everyone else if another boff is shown) is replaced by my captain or my captain is replaced by Khev so that there are only multiple copies of the one boff/captain model shown...usually with huge freaky hands (which is a skellington misalignment thing i know)...

now i had a guess about what might be causing this and i thought for a moment has some numptie of an intern set these up so they have to use tailor skins because the only thing i have altered is my boff skins on the tailor so i went in and because i altered them minimally* they have been saved under new names so i tried to change Khevs "skin"s name back to "Tovan Khev" in the tailor just to see if it worked...and that's when i found another bug.

i can't rename his save in the tailor even though the game does it automatically when i save a minor change to his look.

it says something like "contains invalid parts" when i try to rename it which is a load of crap because in Khevs case all i did was recolor a few bits (i don't like brown mmkay) and shave off his hair.

also my BOFFS keep turning into INVALIDENTITYNAME in the paperdoll and there is a problem with the video memory setting that keeps making the game look utter crap that only goes away if you manually set it to 1024+ (which is discovered almost by accident)...and the "skybox" nebula flickering is back...if it ever went away...on some of the most trafficked dilithium daily maps....the defiant has a texture error on one nacelle and when the Sao Paulo weapons pod bits are used.

i have screenshots of these screwed up cutscenes if you want to see them but i can't be bothered to go to the bother of uploading them atm when right now i just feel no one is interested or listening and i'm feeling quite bad at having to wade though this...

i spend ages tweaking my boffs so they look just how i like and now...well no the tailor is an aberration and when a cutscenes comes along, that i was quite looking forward to seeing my new look "actors" act in...its all screwed up

and this is just some of the stuff...i really hope you're working on a massive bug fix patch for LOR because it seems to me it must have had next to no real bug testing bar people racing to max level to "weeeeeeee" around in new ships...that and i don't think i can play a game this much of a disheartening mess for much's just hard to cheap and BAD 1960s sci fi...

even the logon is bugged.

my kdf and rom captain apparently both have one identical bridge officer who has cloned him/herself 4 times....but even that doesn't beat the (completely unknown to me) brown female alien in casual wear with huge ears who inexplicably replaced ALL my captains at one point last night...

come on're really not putting your best foot forward with stuff like this

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