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I decided to try out STO again, so I logged into my level 18 Federation toon, and am immediately overwhelmed.

All I remember is Spacebar fires all weapons.

My Skills have been reset (I'm an engineer flying a Cruiser), and no clue how I should respec him, or even what I should do (my whole quest log is just a jarble).

Are there any guides available for completely new players? What buttons do what, what quests or activities to do, tips for spec'ing a character?

Any tips or suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks!!
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Personally, I picked this game up from scratch. With that being said, the STO Wiki probably has some decent advice. Also, another thing, try to find a freindly helpful fleet, quite a few will have members MORE than willing to share tips & tricks to fleetmates, heck, some of them have members that will help just about anyone that asks. You can also monitor zone chat, especially in social hubs like ESD/Academy, Kronos (yes, I know I use the old FASA spelling of it hehe)/Academy/Shipyard, heck, DS9 probably would have people talking about different weapons/skills/ships that are good to use.

BUT, as far as I'm concerned, the number one thing you should do? Try and have fun. Whether you like doing things alone, ie story missions, or having a group to do things with, find what you like to do, and then do it.

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Both factions and the subfaction all have full tutorials now, just make a new Fed, Kline, or Rom and run through the start, leveling is still pretty fast if you grind it but I'd read all the storyline myself.

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Welcome back!

The site previously known as STOWiki.org (the web address still works but is now sto.gamepedia.com) is the WIKIpedia of STO.

You can start here: http://sto.gamepedia.com/Category:Guides

You don't need to respec right away, take time to study up first. You can now also retrait your character - again study up. Respecing and Retraiting can enhance your and your ships performance. Search on Skills and Traits.

Search for Keybinds for the keyboard layout - yes Spacebar fires weapons. W,A,S,D moves your ship or character. F button is STO's equivalent to the Enter key during dialog prompts.

Continue to level-up your character by playing the Episodes and doing the Mirror Incursion events (just shoot Mirror universe ships) when the event is active. Some regular patrol missions (to earn Dilithium, etc) will not open-up until you go through all of the Episode missions.

At level 40 (Rear Admiral Lower Half), you get your last free ship - make it a good choice, it's a Tier 5 ship that is good for endgame.

Once you reach level 50 (Vice Admiral) you will likely want to start going through the Reputation systems.

Don't forget to have fun!

Hope this helps.
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Originally Posted by sirokk View Post
At level 40 (Rear Admiral Lower Half), you get your last free ship - make it a good choice, it's a Tier 5 ship that is good for endgame.
It should be noted that this is not quite as dire as it once was, at least for Starfleet, and possibly for Klingons as well. Due to the relatively cheap availability of Mirror Universe T5 ships (usually at most a few hundred thousand EC on the exchange, often for quite a bit less), you can get another T5 if the one you've chosen does not work out as you'd like.

Also you may want to read up on fleet stuff - the fleet systems have gotten a lot more important, and are good for getting some of the good equipment, but they can also be pits. That said, that sort of thing can probably be worried about mostly once you hit level 50 - at that point, many say the "real" game begins as all the content is unlocked.

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