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07-14-2013, 10:57 AM
Originally Posted by wingnut79 View Post
I'd like to ask the question...When do we get the rom vet ship anyway?
Do you remember Star Trek "Generations", where they talk about all those parts that get installed on the Enterprise "on tuesday"?
Well, it's coming on a proverbial tuesday.
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07-14-2013, 10:59 AM
I guess we'll have to wait until "Tuesday"

Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
Do you remember Star Trek "Generations", where they talk about all those parts that get installed on the Enterprise "on tuesday"?
Well, it's coming on a proverbial tuesday.
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07-14-2013, 11:05 AM
It would be practical if the Life-Time Veteran (1000days) ships had a "Universal Console Slot".

I'd imagine that such implementation would be difficult and divisive.

BUT: they have earned it.

The rock - paper - scissors evaluation of such a concept would be the hardest.
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07-20-2013, 11:53 AM
Originally Posted by neok182 View Post
As the title says. With the tease of the Romulan Veteran ship yesterday i think it's time to bring this back up.

For as good as the Vet Ships are they are still lacking behind fleet ships mainly in one area, consoles. All of the lockbox, free, and lobi ships have 10 consoles but the ships that require a $200/$300 LTS or paying each month still have 9 consoles.

Since the Romulans will be getting a Vet ship soon i think that it's only right that at the same time the Romulan ship as well as the Fed and KDF ship get a fleet version.

My recommendation.
Standard Fleet Bonus +1 Console +10% hull and shields.

Cost: 1 FSM 20,000 FC
Requires 1000/day Vet obviously.

1FSM instead of 4 because we have paid for the ship. not in the same way as the cstore ships but we've paid with our subscription and for that it should get the cstore discount.


The other option would simply be to just update the current ships with a 10th console slot, no hull/shield bonus and this would just change the ship that we already have.


Personally i would have no issues paying for a fleet upgrade to this ship for both my fed, and my romulan when that ship comes out. The Chimera is a great ship but that one less console slot does hurt, and it'll hurt even more on the romulan ship.

I hope enough of you agree with me here and we can hopefully get Cryptic to give us these upgrades when the Romulan Vet Ship is released.
+1, and /agree whole-heartedly!!! well said from the OP
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07-21-2013, 12:09 AM
Agree completely with the OP. This is very overdue really so I can only imagine that PWE haven't done it yet due to marketing related reasons.
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07-21-2013, 12:26 AM
Originally Posted by lan451 View Post
Aye, I'd love fleet status on my vet ships. I wouldn't pay for it though. It was part of the deal which I paid $300 for. I don't feel that I should pay more for it.
But....(and this is just for the sake of discussion) doesn't that remove the need for any LTS or Veteran to buy a Fleet or C-Store ship? Could be damage impacting. I'd suspect if we see it there'll be fleet module requirements.
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07-21-2013, 12:29 AM
I agree that the VET Ships should have 10 consoles,
but i do NOT agree with having to pay again and PER CHARACTER on top of that and only if you are member of a fleet with the appropriate Starbase Tier.

I already shelled out a bunch of money, i do not want a DEMO ship *for free* i want the full thing!

There is no problem slapping another console slot on those 3 Ships as pure fan service.
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07-21-2013, 12:46 AM
i wish all ships had an upgrade path.. not just a fixed one.

there are some ships i would really love to buy.. but i wont because they have a crappy boff layout.

im not asking about making a ship have 5 tac consoles or anything else OP.. but..

take the fleet orion corsair.. for some reason they decided to change the boffs compair to the refit one..

i dunno why they would do this.. they didnt on any of the other fleet ships..

i would buy this ship in an instant on my engineer, if it had the regular layout.

same goes for the recluse.. it has a uni commander that is great.. but if you put a science in there, since it is a science ship, you would have 3 science boffs.. we all know that the science skills at the lower levels all kind of suck.. that one ensign, or even the lt com should also have been a universal.

that way you can put the lt com as a tac or eng and the com as a science and have a pretty nice ship.

some of the VA/LG ships they fixed the boffs with a mirror version.. like the mirror voquv. (thanks btw)

but the c store ones and the fleet ones are left out.

like the karfi.. i would love to see that shp with a com universal and the lt tac turned into a universal.

so back to my thoughts..

they should have a way to turn any boff slot universal (max of 2) and make the ship a fleet ship (10% hull 10 consoles) with a module of some kind purchased from the c store..
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07-21-2013, 03:55 AM
Originally Posted by wingnut79 View Post
When do we get the vet rom ship anyway?
on friday they posted a link to picks of all the vet stuff on their facebook, the post said there would be info in a dev blog next week. - here is the link to the pics -


In general response to the overall tone of this thread.

I grew up in a time where if you wanted to play a game, you had to put in a quarter. - and that only got you 3 lives. So paying $$ in order to play a game, is pretty much expected.

STO was the first subscription game I ever considered playing however. I'm ok with either buying a game or subbing monthly to one you got for free - but not one that requires both..

I bought my LS when it was first offered during pre-order, because it was the cheaper subbing option in the long term, and F2P was a pipe dream. - not for the bonus'. The bonus's were rewards for our loyalty, not as reasons themselves for the purchase.

My main feddie bear fly's a mirror cruiser, and the others fly the 600 day intrepid and defiant to suit their overall characters.

And, I would read that these are way out classed by fleet ships, but the new rep system forced me to go in search for Dil - which led me to the PvP missions. I took all their ships in with the STF set- up's they had just to see where I was lacking - And I did die a lot, but I still ended up getting more kills then death's, and many of those kills were on fleet level ships. - with a few tweaks to Boff set-ups, they all can hold their own now.

I also have seen the vet ships performing well as well, So I am thinking about taking another look at them, as PvP specific ships in my collections. - I don't have any ship preferences for my rommie or 2 klinks yet either, so when they all level enough I'll check those vet ships out first.

Bottom line is this, if you fly what you love, and fly it right - stat's don't matter.

Me playing UT2k4 (red guy) -

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07-21-2013, 05:38 AM
i vote "yes" for a fleet stats and 10th console for existing vet ships.
i vote "no" for any additional costly and especial fleet credits/provision involved ships.

1. sub/lifetime is already investment big enough in comparison for any lockbox ship (well, except may be of JHAS).
2. there is in fact fleet grade 10 console ship right out of the box which only cost ca. $20, which is at least 3 time less then average lockbox ship.
3. many people (including me) have long and bad experience with fleets. 95% of the time you are just a slave for building their base and never ever get a chance to buy a fleet ship.
power over other people is just too addictive drug to be ignored, most of the fleet leader fail to it and abuse their authority.
there should be at least one alternative for a "patron" customers to have a decent "on the par" ship without fleets involved.

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