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# 1 Auto Fire not working
01-23-2010, 01:08 PM
Servers are down, huzzah! Time to post in the forums.
Auto fire isn't working for me. I've tried changing up my configurations, toggling auto fire off then back on. Nothings working. Whats worse is that if auto fire is toggled on, the weapons in question won't fire at all. They work fine manually though. I've got a ticket in but it hasn't been answered and I doubt it will. They are busy fixing stuff; no big deal. Anyone else having this issue?

Also, I'm not really big on Romulans, are their heavy plasma torpedo's supposed to hit, re-spawn beside you and hit again? Sometimes up to 4 times. I didn't want to report this as a bug if that is the way the weapon should be behaving.

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