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Yet another glorious bug. I had 'server not responding' issues while beaming down to the Klingon base in the Briar Patch. I was booted eventually and now I cant load up my toon - 'cant transfer character'. I do hope this is fixed soon, wait how many days till release?? This game has many bugs still and being this close to launch 'scare' me away from making a purchase, esp. with this 'transfer' issue.. Sure, I can make a new toon or whatever but there is no time :p I think Ive experienced what I need from the game..

So, as of now, I guess im out :p I want to thank Cryptic for allowing me to play/help with the beta!! I do hope the game survives as I am a long time Trekkie I also hope that there is more 'interaction' between the DEVs and the players as these last few days have been a headache as MANY were/are left wondering how to fix bugs etc. I will still be following the game in hopes that the big issues are fixed..

Gotta say tho, the game is good I love the skills and ranks. Items to choose from seem to be plentyful. Quests are also plentlyful. I do however miss the familiar LCARS setup and had hoped to see more of this ingame and/or for a UI selection. Ship and toon control is excellent. The maps are ok, could use a 'pin' system for notes etc. Overall, I'd have to give the game a 7/10 in its current state.

Thaks again everyone, hope to see yall soon!!
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