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What u cant see on gateway IVE ALWAYS been open about. Open source pwn. Stack them kinetic res beeatch.

So Its time for a little update, heres the latest ramblings I have to offer about my experiences in the game, this time as Romulans! (joys for da realz.) i pinch myself literally becus i am one of those guys that probably said this exact line 1000 times in game (bah whatever i just cant wait till romulans come out! --the other guy says "whatever dude that aint happening". And Id be like


Craptic cant deliver much and what they do always leaves u wanting more cus its broken, but i tell you this. for me personally, they have delivered.

LOR has ushered in a golden age. The age of the pinnacle relevance of SPIKE. No one is safe from the battle cloak. No arena devoid of alphas. No one immune, from INSTANT DEATH!

What was once a 8% chance requiring perfect delivery and timing has become a near guarantee with the same level of skillplay execution.

The recipe may have changed but the taste in ur mouth after the battle is the same. victory.

And it doesnt include healing. Please no "hey use armors DERP comments". If it isnt beating them down its weighing me down.

Into the nuts and bolts!
1. The spec
i hate hilberts "do exactly as i say!" so i tell you what i max and u can fill in the blanks. Really it doesnt matter if u put your points in driver coil or the 2% res u get from the armor skill... whatever. What matters matters, and what matters is PAIN

max: ALL TACTICAL TREE (except threat control)
max:particle generator, subspace decompiler
alot: grav gen, weapons energy performance, sensors

The point is ur getting max damage from ur wepaons, ur iso charge, and max efficacy from ur vms/psw/nad torp and a good hold from tractor, decent buffs from relevant buffs! (dem boosted from weapon performance etc) thats all noob stuff to figure out. Max torp and beam. done
//traits are obvious.. all teh gorund ones DERP.. not.

2. Ship n Gear!
2 dual beams ( i use fleet ap dmg 3 ctrd1) 2 torps (i use mkxii ctrd3 q torp)
1 q torp rear 1 tric rear 1 cron rear

engine khg
shield khg
deflector fleet (ptrg one)
singularity (whatever.. id get amp when i can)

4 ap tac console
1 tvaro singularity refresh console, 1 iso charge, 1 subsjump, 1 nadeon torp, 1 tackyokinetic, 1 ferengi (assimilated and zero point>dont got yet)

3. Boff!
i use a couple different rotations but the mainstay never changes.
Beam Overload two and Beam overload three (not much is worth writing out...)
hy1 torpspread1 omega 3
heres where u can get away with alot as long as u got dem to dulmurpump bo, ive seen guys use aux2batt (not my style) I go with hold run n beat lock n beat or all beat. my latest is
vm 1 cpb1 tracto1 dem 1 emptw 1 haz 2 jam 1

this lets u get away clean and gives u some hope with vm vs nonhuman users. frankly i toned down from emptw3 becus i wanted to see the torps hit. bo was killing them alone cus i always waited out all the timers cus i knew i had to, a sad story

the most fun is the all beat (n run some)
emptw3 aux to damp 1 eng team 1
dem 1 empte 1
tractor 1 haz 2 (replace with cpb vs cloaker swarm)

obviously pumping beam overload to maximal efficacy is facepwn fun. but takes the most fire control discipline vs a buffed target and a lockstep perfect precharge timing to exploit the window.

the im so damned good one (not really)
psw1 cpb1 tractor 1
science team 1 haz 2
dem 1 emptw1

stunlock. pwn. u dotn even need .5 seconds let alone the full 2 u get off base psw 1 with decompiler (and not a console to boost.. thanks craptic) pew pew. dont think ur good. ud be good if u landed a trico for 150k and got away and didnt die. nah then ud just be lucky cus it just didnt happen all that much. it happened tho. stunlock pwn is a dangerous game. u will bore yourself out of fun. and u will lose vs a double omega double aux to damp skill player without an snb wingman. so i prefer options 1 or 2. not to mention, brel can do psw3, so thats the one single reaosn not to execute minimax. i digress!

3. DOFF< most important
MARION FRANCES DULMUR welp if u dont got him by now i truly am sorry for you, i cant foresee any "temporal lockbox" specials upcoming, so yeah.. sucks for you. Least u arent klingon. And if u are i say where were u 6 mos ago when i blew dulmurs spot up. Yes ladies and gentleman

the UBER DOFF! the one that is a dramatic substantial insanely differential impact maker. The night i spent a few hours mastering triple tap and comparign the bursts in act was well worth it. You only need 1 frances, but if u wanna tap that azz fast and rough, like u need to spike, u run double beam up front and overloay the overloads with this guy on the space active. Frances' fast fingers keeps the drain to null and u come thru hot and hard at full blast all 3 taps.pew pew.. peeew (really cant emphasize how awesome this doff is.. ridiculous golden era of double tap we been in for a few months EH! sorry if this results in nerf.. but it was due..)

^thats only one part of the puzzle of course-total strat comes later

3 batt boost dmg doff. that raw 30% makes beam overload monstermode worth it

the last one i never got a finger on. i was using all kinds of em, the aftershock, juel ducane with syphon, a bunch. but hey hoo WHAT DO YOU KNOW ! ANOTHER UBER DOFF! muwha. ha. ha.

yup the new romulan survivor energy weapons specialist grants shield penetration TO ALL INCOMING fire on target for 4 seconds
to the tune of 35% for a 30% chance. This doff stacks, and with itself, I have seen 8 procs from triple tap. I have seen hits OVERPENETRATE meaning they take more damage like -resist than is actually done, turning that burst of torps incoming into death........

tac team clears it, but that just gives me another play, the guy pressing everything off omega is gonna get burned when he remembers torp spread doesnt miss. anyway.. i love doffs.

5. THE PLAY!!!!

watch a demo (this guy wasnt ready, he thought he was, but he hadnt seen it yet)

Short story, you unload every conceivable high power attack in short order to vaporize your target in one pass! You use every skill on ur bar and deliver in the ultimate one shot move.

You line it up, in phases....
1. Prep long. Milk gdf if ur balls out hard for it. Gotta love the ebc. "Hi there *shoot torp* ouchies more pain please*.. kk rdy now!"
Again if u need this kind of explanation i fear u have wasted ur energy reading. Time it up for the moment of focus, when ur 1st prepped beam overload is about to expire, u want ALL OF YOUR BUFFS TO BE UP. So u use your longest lasting buffs first, and as u proceed u begin to LOCK IN a window of time during which u can attack at full power.

The true skill comes in lining up this window with the enemy's window of weakness in their buff cycle, either by manipulation through vm, or patient timing.

So you have tac fleet and go down fighting.
2. Once u are ready and u think they will be in about 25-30 seconds (the long move is hardest, go for 15s doubles to learn) Prep mid range. (there should be as little delay between 1 and 2 in theory, but u often use alot of crucial cds "feinting" them to burn omega! once they use omega u know they will be vulnerable for 15s after it expires! u can always exploit that fact.)
Beam Overload 2 and Torp spread 1 (this is actually what fires second)~27 to impact

At this point u can re up the cycle and just alternate with the other beam overload 3 and hy1 if u lose ur window or batrle situation changes. U wont have to worry about havign gdf or tac fleet most of the time anyway, and I sometimes wait out a "cycle" before i choose to attack. But if all is well come 15 seconds into your bo2/ts1 timer, then u go hard

3. bo3 hy1/ emergency to weapons, apa, apo, aux to damp,~13 s to impact

Now u have options in the video and whenever its appropriate i have used jump. u always get ur load out nice and easy often with a surprise. At abou5 5 seconds to bo expiring u can jump, unload torps/iso whatever ur gimmick play is if u havent spent it feinting them (psw, vm.. or nothing )
4. post decloak prep the absolute last thing u wanna do before decloak is tractor.
your torps are inbound(both hy1 and ts1 u can fire and still have time to unload 3 bo as u approach them full speed....) your psw or vm would have taken effect by now if it would have any impact.
5. marions moment of glory. pew rapid succession either space bar or manual (dont autofire puts 1st back on cd wont let u chain 3 effectively) fire both beams as fast as u can the second u come out of cloak. If u are real good /they have speed u can activate the 3rd bo (assuming u lined it up perfectly. timing is so crucial off by 1 second and u wont be able to get 3rd off or the second bo will elapse if u are late.) activating a torp special is choice here to situation, a follow up hy trico finishes most people left alive. a spread corn slows or nadion disables those vulnerable/kills tif. options, good.

then u use the rom jump forward, empte if u got, evasive, whateves. theyre all dead.
u say forthem to join opvp in zone and be ur friend and say gg when it ends.

anyone who goes back thru and edits this post for capitalization and grammar will be awarded one hobo lapdance
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07-19-2013, 09:53 AM
Wall Of Text Attackkkkk!!!
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07-19-2013, 10:15 AM
The problem is with that build mini is timing.

My old boat managed to surrive that nasty attack a few times, cause you got your timing slightly off

"You know when that shark bites, with its teeth babe... scarlet billows start to spread..."
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Originally Posted by v1ctor1st View Post
The problem is with that build mini is timing.

My old boat managed to surrive that nasty attack a few times, cause you got your timing slightly off
sadly u are correct in that this games laggy and unreliable ui combined with the crazy nature of various battle scenarios makes this move increasingly difficult to master. but it ids a worthy quest for those who seek the satisfaction of a well earned kill! was good times when u got away and put the spank on me, thats only way to up the game is to get beat
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07-19-2013, 01:23 PM
This build worked great on a bop, but now massive spike is better, no more toys. No more need for SubD, just a bit better timing and that Subspace D fully specced for psw isnt even needed

Ow Torps arent needed either on Rommy tac since that was mostly a prerequisite from the old BoP cant get enough BO power thing on a supercahrged target or in teamplay with Sci Damepening field.

But perhaps you still do make it work great like this, i dunno i found better ways now.

Have fun with your matches later on

Kinda got lost reading the rest. Cheers !

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