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Originally Posted by unangbangkay View Post
How about using the Scimi as a Dual-Beam Bank boat? I'm planning to pick the bundle up as my very first 3-pack purchase (I resisted the temptation when the Vesta and Kumari came along, but not this time), but I wanted to try something different with its 5 forward weapons slots. How do you lot feel about having 4-Rommy Plasma DBBs and a torp forward, with the Kinetic Cutting beam and either 2 arrays/turrets or a mine at the rear? I'm considering going for the Romulan weapons as early rep gear while I farm up the rest.
If you're going plasma you might want to consider the Experimental Beam Array in the front to keep down the power drain. Especially if you load the rear with Cutting Beam and turrets.
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I have had the majority of these bugs, but rather than just complaining and picking at peoples comments who are trying to offer help and discuss what they have done to adapt and adjust to them, I have just tried to find ways to either adapt my play style or find consoles etc that will help to offset these issues, not had the phantom damage issue yet, but my hull does still melt, just not quite as fast with my current build, I suspect its related to the crew, I have started stfs with 800 out of 3000 crew, where the hell did they all go.
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I.R.W. Valdore gives 0 (132283) Radiation Damage to Tal'is with Thalaron Pulse. ==> Tal'is deals 132283 Special Damage to Tal'is with Immunity Matrix


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