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07-16-2013, 06:52 PM
To me why bother. I already run Boot Camp for my Mac to play STO. So why should I download some other program just to play STO. When I'm doing it now with the regular launcher. Now if it helped me play STO on my Mac side instead of going through Boot Camp. Then that will get my attention. Then again forcing us to use it as well. Then that don't leave the ones still wanting to play much a choice.
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07-16-2013, 06:53 PM
I only play STO.

I have absolutely NO use for a multigame loader.

This WILL eventually become a mandator install of bloatware and That may be the day I stop playing... or only play rarely... downloading and installing the loader client only t delete it again then scour my computer clean of it's garbage when done.
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# 123 Arc Client
07-16-2013, 06:55 PM
After reading the article a couple of questions come to mind why does it say in the article that it's for new players starting Thursday but, in the forums it's been stated that it is also for anyone who downloads the client after Thursday? and, for players who already play STO through Steam will they be forced to use Arc instead? As a long time player of this game, I will like to say that I do not like the idea of being forced at a later date or in cases where the client has to be downloaded after Thursday to use the Arc client. I even have a Steam account but I do not play STO in Steam; prefer to play STO in it's separate client which is fine for what I need and it is functional (most of the time). The new features of the Arc client just does not interest me at all and with other clients that have to be downloaded it's just one more client that takes up memory who many clients does one person need just to game on PC now? Please reconsider the mandatory use of the client and allow the Arc client to be optional for players who wish to use it. After reviewing this thread it appears that the player base is not too thrilled about this as well. I think the development of the STO Gateway was good enough as an alternative way to connect to STO through a web browser.

Just my thoughts on this matter,

Thank you.
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07-16-2013, 07:27 PM
as I play multible PWE games on my desktop I already use the ARC, however I play STO only when on my laptop and would like to keep it on its own launcher. I wish for the current system to remain in place as many others have stated.

Check out my ideas for the game here
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07-16-2013, 07:39 PM
Note to players who reject this move, there is a way around this crummy move made by Cryptic themselves. the original STO Disc for those that have a hard copy will re-install the game and default launcher. for those that don't have the disc I suggest you download the the STO Launcher exe from the download page of the website now and retain it for your needs (Someone will probably account for telling you this so if I'm not heard from again you know why)
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07-16-2013, 07:47 PM
Originally Posted by thumpyecho View Post
"...starting this Thursday, July 18th, new players registering to play STO will be downloading the Arc client first before jumping in-game."

So they must download Arc first, before a new user can play STO? Correct?

From this forum thread(page two namely)'s was optional.....I'm not holding Brandon's feet to the fire on this one, because things change, and he's just the messenger....

Now if the post from today(16 July 2013)reads as plainly as it appears - now new users must download Arc first.....

Step 1) Completely Optional
Step 2) Optional for everybody pre 18 July 2013

And what's the logical conclusion I wonder?*eyeroll*......All users must start using this?...Eventually?

Edit: The above made sense in my head.....train of thought kinda thing......
Edit 2: Also went back and read the first Arc thread people are confirming the above conclusion

Specifically Brandon said
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Nothing is changing at this point. Feel free to continue launching directly from the launcher If that changes, we'll be sure to communicate it.


Brandon =/\=
So he didn't say it was a sure thing that this Arc crap would not become mandatory. But I fear you may be right that eventually ALL STO players will be forced to have this crap on their systems. I had a feeling this was going to happen and it seems it is starting to.

Edit: And with all the concern and player feedback indicating nobody wanted this to become mandatory, once again we get ignored completely.

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07-16-2013, 07:52 PM

Let me begin by saying that I for one do not want this. Ever. I feel this way because I have no logical reason to desire nor to accept this software. I do not play any of the games that PWE offers and neither do I have any desire to play any of these games. The only software offered by PWE that I wish to play is a certain game known in some parts as "Star Trek Online". You may have heard of it?

While I believe I understand the reasons behind this move, I certainly doubt their wisdom. The idea underpinnning this is likely "show them more games, and some will play more games". Problematically, many of these games are rather grind heavy for the average 'western' player and have little actual substance to them. Western players will be unlikely to take well to this style of game, unlike the players of the Eastern markets that PWE has traditionally worked.

I would like to know solid, plain english answers to the following questions;
What will this do for me?
What will this do for PWE?
Why should I accept this software?
How will I be able to avoid or circumvent this software if it becomes mandatory?

I'm sure that these questions are running through the minds of many forumites at the moment. I am equally sure that the buzzword filled corporate double talk press releases we have seen thus far regarding this matter has not put any one at ease.

Brandon, I'm going to summarize now by saying;
We do not want this. We have no reason to want this.
Originally Posted by virusdancer
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07-16-2013, 08:01 PM
Please Note, I was just starting to look through this thread when I saw Brandon's Post quoted here...

Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Arc is here. Are you are referring to the possibility that it may be required in the future? If so, we'd love to eventually evolve Arc to the point where it is fully integrated in all of our games, but we're simply not ready to do that yet, as we're still in the experimental, early development phase. First, we want to test it out, add new features, make sure people like it, and, above all else, grow it into something that players want to use because it legitimately improves the overall game experience.
Brandon, I know you're more the Messenger here for your PWE Overlords. To be honest, I do not want or need another separate piece of software just to play one game! I do not care for a secondary application that has a built-in browser. I usually have a separate browser running as it is if I wish to check STOWiki or the Forums. If I wish to purchase Zen for actual cash, I can make sure I do it through current means to do so now.

As to my overall game experience? It is just fine as is!

Regarding existing players*, my quote from the other thread when we introduced it still holds true:

Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Nothing is changing at this point. Feel free to continue launching directly from the launcher If that changes, we'll be sure to communicate it.
*Do note that if you uninstall the game and need to reinstall, or get a new computer, you will need to download Arc to install and launch STO.
Brandon, hey guess what? You just announced that ARC will be required! No semantics here, just a indirect way of putting it.

I get that this allows for better back-end setup and the like. I actually had no issues while playing City of Heroes when NCSOft pushed their overall launcher. You had the option, at least, to have the program shut down after the game launched. If ARC has such an option (Not that I can find an actual FAQ here...), then I might consider trying it. But if the features are to be believed, it has to run in addition to what ever game client is running. That, is a deal-breaker for me (and a good number of other forumites, it seems...).

There have been times, I have seriously considered spending actual money to buy zen, but either actual finances or Cryptic's and/or PWE's idiocy in their policies have kept me from doing it.

So what this fully boils down to is this: Brandon, if you can either honestly answer them yourself or get an honest answer from your PWE Overlords to the Questions I list below, I might consider giving ARC a try. If you can not or will not, then when ARC becomes fully mandatory, PWE will most likely loose two Customers (My GF and myself) permanently and give negative views about our experiences in dealing with PWE.

1) Does ARC have to be kept running in the background while running the game of your choice, regardless if you wish to use ARC's Features or not?

2) Does ARC have options to allow it to shut itself down after the game you wish to play is running?

3) Can you do simultaneous updates for the Holodeck/Tribble/Redshirt installations? (This was a positive feature, to me, for NCSoft's launcher)

4) Are there options to keep ARC from activating upon Windows startup?
I have enough background applications already (Considering the Steam client has those options).

Thank you for the time...
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07-16-2013, 08:33 PM
Originally Posted by felderburg View Post
NCSoft did the same thing with City of Heroes. CoH was the only NCSoft game I played, and I had to go through the NCSoft launcher. It wasn't a big deal. I wasn't inundated with ads, and the launcher had an option to close after you launched your game. I didn't download other games, even though there was the option to, because I didn't want to play them.

Was it a transparent attempt at trying to get people to play other games? Yes. That didn't mean I had to play those games, and it's the same situation here.
I remember that, now. Your comment may be the one bright spot I've seen so far.

I've tried to keep an open mind. Truly. I went back and read everything Bran linked to in the OP. I'm not a dunce, but it left me scratching my head trying to figure out what is really useful that isn't a redundancy.

to quote the Arc intro post:

Check out these awesome benefits for Arc users:

News - Receive the latest news across games with embedded updates from Arc.

unnecessary for me. I've no interest in the other games, just like other posters in this thread.
Billing - Easily recharge and transfer ZEN across games through a variety of payment methods.
already accomplished with what we currently have. The "across games" bit means nothing to me.
Browse - Arc's In-Game Overlay with fully functional web browser will allow you access the forums or browse the internet.
already accomplished with what we currently have. Considering how many security patches the big browsers have to make to protect me from hacking, I'm wondering what holes a "fully functional" PWE browser would open.
Support - Contact Customer Service with a click of the button and easily send in a ticket to request assistance.
already accomplished with what we currently have (and may I add, I've not seen any non-auto responses to my last several filings, even after weeks. Don't understand how Arc improves this core need)
Connect - Check out what your friends are playing and connect with them on Arc's built-in messenger.
OK, this one is a concern. I'll comment after the list.
Notifications ? Get the most out of your online gaming experience and never miss another event with the in-game notification system.
Was the current system failing in this somehow? If so, I truly never noticed.
Coupons ? Arc users will receive exclusive promotions and coupons when available.
I suppose this might be the one spot that is different and beneficial, though I'd prefer to understand just what kinds of things will be offered. No sense in offering me Neverwinter stuff if I'm completely uninterested in playing it.

Regarding "connect", I've had a problem with games that always reveal who I am and where I am to friends. Why, if they are friends? Because there are times I prefer anonymity. I want to work quietly on a personal project (well, as quietly as a spread of photon torpedoes will allow), without my friends chiming in "Hey, what ya doing? Gotta come help me with this! Why haven't I seen this toon before? You trying to ditch me?, etc." And this usually ends up in my being unable to complete whatever goal I'd set.

I'm just back in the workforce after a long unemployment. I was looking forward to finally making some ZEN upgrades to my playing, but knowing I have an older system (which I cannot immediately replace), I'm cautious about adding anything that takes further processing/memory. Since Arc may do that, I'll regrettably have to adapt a wait-and-see policy before investing hard cash. It is nice that I'll be able to keep the old launcher for the moment, but not looking forward to any change in that status.
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07-16-2013, 08:55 PM
The only feedback I will offer is that you shouldn't force ANYONE to download the platform. Let them use the Launcher if they want. This should NEVER be mandatory.

I have STEAM for my gaming platform downloader... I don't need to get anything more than that.
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