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01-23-2010, 07:38 PM
first, please let me preface this by stating that i'm no one, i'm not trying to speak for anyone other than myself and my wife..

when i heard you guys were taking this project over i was extremely excited because it needed to be done.. star trek is a great franchise and who could ask for more of a 'built-in' following?

that being said, and understanding that we're still in 'beta' for the next week or so, i honestly do not know how you're going to pull this off and still make the feb 2 date..

i'm having issues with the cursor, dissappearing or staying like the last thing i either sold or deleted. memory leaks up the wazzoo.. i won't even go into the graphics issues.. beaming down as the ship model without the rest of the away party only to beam out and turn into a character model falling thru space then die when you hit the 'bottom'..

here's something, when teamed up and doing the starbase 24 mission, are we *both* supposed to have away parties? if so, then that's not working either..

when doing missions teamed up, it asks if i'd like to change to a new map, i click yes, and sometimes it does nothing.. just waits.. other times, it crashes and i have to send a crash report and lastly, (and mostly) it doesn't wait for all members and just zones one of us in..

while in space combat, enemy ships sometimes get stuck in asteroids or stations etc, and can still fire at you but you cannot fire back until they're out..

i love star trek..
i love the potential of this game..

the space combat rocks.. excellent job with that!
the space travel rocks as well!

away combat, is cheesy at best.. even *when* it's working correctly.. ie: weird dogs run towards you sideways, then are in the floor or above you etc.. while the terrains are ok, the models and animation serisously suck.. (sorry, but it's true).. nothing about the away missions feels even remotely as polished as the space part..

please, please don't go the way of age of conan.. push back the release date or extend the beta for a month or 2 to try to get a handle on some of these issues..

it's really frustrating because my wife and i really, *really* want to play this game.. it really does have the WoW killer potential (at least for us).. *if* you take the time to do it right..

if you release this; pretty much as is on feb 2, you're going to dissappoint a lot of folks.. most importantly your share holders..

just calling it like i see it..

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