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07-28-2013, 12:08 PM
There is some PvP in Ker'rat but yeah, low level PvP is now in worse state then it was before LoR. For some reason. After short burst after LoR started and old players were rerolling toons it moved from a match from time to time to non existant.

And what PvP is left in Ker'rat is so friggin boring. Low level Klinks are going after Borg, low level Rommies are going after Borg. Feds are doing the usual - going after Borg. Klinks and Roms are eager to fight until they learn that you can counter their cloak (or that flying the Red does not make you uber by default). Then they return to hunting the Borg.

Dunno why LoR killed low level PvP. It was never in good shape after F2P, but it was there. Now I'm starting to think that it is time to find something else to play. Not quite there yet, but almost.


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