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Now that the Embassy has given us Science Consoles, and the Dilithium Mine with its wondrous Engineering Consoles, I want to delve into the unknown. Fleet Tactical Consoles.

It's become clear that the Consoles have special modifiers that have them stand out from other consoles. Other attributes include an increase in effectiveness. The rarity.

That being said, Ultra Rare is the name of the game. Expensive and effective. The real question is what modifiers it will have.
If I had to guess, I'd put my faith into a modifier that increases proc chance and/or proc power. Phaser weapons, for example, would get another two seconds on their subsystem disable. Either that, or an additional 2.5% chance to work. Maybe both. Perhaps only both on the Elite.

Another possibility I could add is the possibility of a Shield Damage modifier. Science Consoles have the [ShH] mod, why not Tactical consoles and the [ShD] modifier? It'll be the equivalent of a Tetryon blast, but not the damage part. Perhaps a Placate.

Then, of course, there's the issue with how to distribute the damage types. I think it'll be all damage types of Directed Energy, and general damage with Advanced, but no Torpedoes; and Phaser Consoles, and still no Torpedo Consoles. Again, general damage consoles are still there.
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07-17-2013, 07:44 AM
In time, maybe. It would mean a lot more people would have the top weapon consoles; the mk xii very rare consoles being so damn expensive on the exchange...
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07-17-2013, 09:27 AM
I'd guess energy damage consoles with a +Kinetic Damage and kinetic damage consoles with a +Energy Damage, as well a couple of small tactical skill boost options for variety (I'd love to have phaser relays that also boost the attack patterns skill, for instance).
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07-17-2013, 10:43 AM
Oh yea. Please give us Fleet Tac Consoles so we can finally kill any crafters left in this game...

No, I dont think so.
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07-18-2013, 12:00 AM
Thus far, the focus has been on making cruisers and sci ships more viable. This is seen in consoles and the warp cores. I wouldn't bet on better damage modifiers. I would expect to see a plasmonic leech type proc added. Draining energy from subsystems individually. Imagine if leech only drew from weapons, shields, or engines? Escorts dead slow...lacking defense...or with no shields...or with a nerfed alpha strike...-45 power to a single subsystem can devastate an escort...stack 3 subsystems draining engine, weapons, and shields and u have a serious more pew pew

Another possibility is doubling proc rates of current weapons. Going from 2.5% to 5% would have a sizable effect on play styles. For torps, doubling shield penetration. Maybe tying profs to aux power since eng and sci captains rely on aux so much...hmmm...
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07-18-2013, 12:37 AM
My thoughts on what might happen:

1. General damage consoles only, like 'all beams', 'all torpedoes', etc.

Basically it'd cost some damage over all, but people could use these in place of the 'type specific' consoles. They might add an effect based on each type of console. Like a beam console might let all beams drain 1 less power per beam per console; or in other words if you had 4 of these, all beams would drain 4 less power than normal.

2. All types, but only like one or two extra effects.

So they would have all the energy and torp consoles, but the two sets would only gain a single effect. Like all the torp consoles might gain an effect like...'torpedos/mines do 50% greater damage against shields'.

3. Limited type choices and unique effects for each.

This is what I feel is most likely to happen: Each side (Fed and KDF) would get only a couple different consoles, with different effects. The idea being behind some of the other fleet gear (like elite phasers) being that 'this is the faction's top-of-the-line equipment'.

For example, Feds might get Phaser and Quantum Consoles and the KDF get Disruptor and Photon consoles.

Phaser consoles might grant a defensive bonus of some kind, and perhaps say...allowing Quantums greater bleedthrough or something. Disruptor consoles might allow an extra/stronger Disruptor-type proc or maybe extra crit chance/severity while their Photon consoles might have a 'secondary warhead' effect which would allow photons to do more damage through an extra 'hit' from one torpedo.

All the effects are just speculation, but I have a feeling 3 might be more what happens because all the fleet gear tends to lean that way, 'unique Fed fleet gear has extra defensive bonuses, while unique KDF fleet gear is more offensive', plus they have stuff that's focused more around only phasers for Feds and only Disruptors for KDF (just look at hangar pets for example).


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