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In February, the 26th Fleet made it a point to attend the RP Roundtable. We were pleased to see so many role players there supporting this great hobby, being passionate and generating ideas amongst the community. One thing that we noticed, that we've all contended with, is the amount of grief we have for being role players. This isn't anything new, it's been a constant in all MMOs, despite the term MMORPG.

So, our answer to this dilemma is simple. Provide a setting where role players can interact together without fear of griefing and harassment, open up the 26th Fleet's headquarters to the general public.

How does one gain access to the base? Simply send an IC docking request in the SB381 comm channel and one of our members will grant you permission to visit the base. Please see our FAQ at the bottom of this post for further information; and please any questions or concerns, see our staff. We want to make Praetorian a welcoming and enjoyable experience for

We look forward to role playing with you all in the very near future!

Corris Sprint
Guild Leader


Commodore's Log, Stardate 91146.76

It has been four weeks since I have been to Praetorian. Spending the past month evaluating Task Force Avalon on their daily patrols in Tau Dewa has been tiresome, but essential; it's been our main focus to ensure we provide a safe area of space while the Romulans colonize their new home world, mol'Rihan. We have faced difficulties at every turning point, but always found a way to over come them. I am proud of those who serve with me. They have proven themselves time and time again.

So much as changed in these past four weeks. I have had the privilege of being here since day one, when the 26th was assigned to this station. On arrival it was nothing but an empty docking station, barely able to support a fleet of ten ships. Now look at it. It's the main staging area in the Neutral Zone. The station itself has grown exponentially since we first arrived. Not only has the station itself grown, but so has the 26th Fleet. It seems like it was only months ago we were a small group of Federation officers, trying to make a difference out here.

As I enter the main level of the station, it's bustling with people. Although we are in a war zone, the atmosphere is surprisingly energetic. There seems to be dozens of people at the bar socializing with each other. It would appear that the station is not just a staging ground in the Neutral Zone, but a hub for those passing through, trading stories, sharing a drink or simply making new friends. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, considering the growth Praetorian has seen this past year.

The interior of the station has remained clean and welcoming. The added decor through the main level allows for the station to be more inviting to new travelers stopping in. By the looks of the inside, you would never guess Praetorian was used primarily as a war front station, constantly under siege from opposing forces.

As I walked through the halls to my personal quarters, I was always greeted by the friendly staff. No matter how busy they appeared, they seemed to make the effort to say hello, even if it was a simple nod and a smile.

All of this wouldn't be possible without the leadership we have here. Admiral Hunter and Captain Sprint have done a fantastic job taking this station from what it was, to what it is now. The fact is, the station and the fleet continue to grow on a daily basis. The leadership here, including myself, have always worked towards a friendly and healthy environment, not just for our staff, but to those who stop in, whether for business or pleasure. While we continue to focus our efforts in Tau Dewa and any other force that threatens the station and the Federation, we will always ensure that we provide a simulating atmosphere for everyone on board the station.


Q: What sort of character is going to be welcome on your station?
A: Simply put, most. We're a guild that tries to find more ways to say 'yes' to role play, so as long as it's consistent with Star Trek canon I doubt we're going to see a problem. We're trying to recreate some of the atmosphere from Deep Space Nine, with Starfleet officers, Federation allies, civilians, etc freely roaming the station.

Q: Are we going to run into any erotic RP out in the open on your starbase?
A: No, you're not. If we see it happening we'll kindly ask that it be taken elsewhere. We're trying to generate a PG13 atmosphere on the base, adult RP should be taken to private quarters. You have your own ship interior for that. If it happens more than once we might have to think twice about inviting you back to the base for RP.

Q: Can I blow up your starbase?
A: Please don't. Like all fleets, we've worked hard to get where we are now, and would appreciate it not being destroyed by a natural disaster or a bomb. However, if you have an idea that you think other guests would enjoy, please bring it to the fleet's leaders so we can discuss it. Our goal is to make an atmosphere where all are welcome and comfortable to RP.

Q: Can I create a mini (or large) plot involving your station and fleet members?
A: Mini plots are fine and encouraged. Larger plots should be run by our fleet officers to ensure they don't contradict any established storylines.

Q: I understand that I cannot blow up your station, but can I sabotage it?
A: No.

Q: What sort of conflict can I start on the station?
A: If the conflict is 'serious' IE gun fights or similar, that will need to be worked out as a storyline with the fleet officers. If it is something like a verbal confrontation or perhaps a bar fight, then have at it but be prepared for IC consequences.

Q: How long are we permitted to stay on the station for each session?
A. You can stay as long as you want., provided there is no unnecessary drama. Remember, we want the base to be welcoming to all types.

Q: Who are your Senior Members?
A: Our senior members are here.

Q: Which members can I contact if I have a problem with someone or something?
A: See above list of senior members.
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07-17-2013, 08:24 AM
Hello! I am the player behind Captain Rhys Llywarch of the USS Hartford. One of the things I have always thought about RP comes from the great Stan Lee. Every Comic book is somebodies first comic book. Putting that into STO RP terms everyone always has a first attempt at Rping something. When I was the recuiting officer for the 26th Fleet it was always my goal to give people of any experience a fun, shame-free place to RP. Its now my goal to continue that practice as we open up to the community. I hope you all come to visit Preatorian soon so we can enrich each other's story. Thanks!
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07-17-2013, 09:08 AM
This sounds like a very interesting idea. I'm an RPer, in-game and here on the forums, and a DS9-type place like this sounds really fun. When you say "Simply send an IC docking request in the SB381 comm channel and one of our members will grant you permission to visit the base.", does that mean by PM or a certain channel?

I probably wouldn't stick around for long, but I'd love to drop by sometime.
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07-17-2013, 11:46 AM
You are free to ask for an invite in the channel "SB381" Or ask us privately if you see us on. You can hit me up @Juroden
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07-20-2013, 03:40 PM
A bump for activity
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07-25-2013, 08:58 AM
bump. We still want to meet a ton of new rpers.
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08-07-2013, 03:09 PM
A bump. We have been getting alot of random Rpers visiting us. I hope you take us up on our offer soon
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08-15-2013, 10:27 AM
Im interested in the idea, but im not a native english parlant, so have deficiencies in chat using past sentences.

Have any problem with that?

Im an old D&D player, and use to move in the forgothem world. The only roleplay game futiristic in my memory was shadowrun, but i dont play it too much at that time... 20 years ago.

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08-15-2013, 03:30 PM
Have been having a blast visiting you guys! Great fleet and nice Starbase!
Looking for a Star Trek Online Role Play Community? Check out The Holodeck RP webpage! The Cartel a KDF faction RP / PVE Crime Syndicate The Cartel Fleet. join "The Cartel Underworld" channel to get in touch with us.
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09-06-2013, 11:58 AM

Previously on Star Trek: Preatorian...

The Klingon Defense Force has put all its eggs in one basket for one massive final push into Federation space in an effort to tie up this war between them. Hundreds of ships barrelling down on the one station between the Sea of Sorrows and a clear path into the Heart of Federation space. Starbase Preatorian and the Entirety of the 26th Fleet work for several weeks to hinder, slow and hurt the Massive armada coming to take them out.

Eventually the massive juggernaut of ships makes it to the Station itself and the battle began. The entire fleet and station were almost wiped out before a last chance gambit was taken and the Iconian gate that had been sitting in the heart of the Station's Lab was activated. A hole in space was opened and the entire station and surviving Federation vessels were pulled in. The Klingon Vessels were also pulled in however they did not survive the trip as easily as the 26th.

On the other side of the tear in space the Station found itself being bombarded with debris of the destroyed klingon vessels and no clue where in the Milky way or if they were even still in the galaxy. After a week of intensive repairs and looking out to the black of space to find home they finally got in contact with Starfleet Command. The station and the fleet found themselves in a dwarf galaxy just below the main galaxy disk known as the The Outback.

What is the Outback?

The outback is a dwarf galaxy, most dwarf galaxies are seen but have never been explorred because by the time we see them, they break apart and are assimilated into larger galaxies by the tidal gravimetric forces. The Dwarf galaxy is contained in a bubble of the galatic barrier that created Gary Mitchell. Scans never revealed the threshold to contain a dwarf galaxy, because somehow the anomalies hiding and preventing it from being explored, were so powerful that the gravimetric forces distorted any sensor scans inward and reflected it back inconclusive. Starfleet does not believe this "gateway" to the Outback is natural. It is believed the Iconians could have created it as a "backdoor" to and from a captured dwarf galaxy they may have used as an incredible base of operations. Dark matter in heavy amounts, hold a dwarf galaxy together. They orbit our galaxy below it';s core disc. The outback is a unique phenomena because not only has it remained stable, but it's orbit has been"anchored" to line up to a wormhole acting as a doorway, to the Alpha quadrant via New Australia space. The key thing discovered is the valuable commodity in the Outback is Dark Matter. There has never been a more abundant and rich amount accessible in history until now. The locals take it for granted, it allows almost fuel and energy sources in abundance, but the technology to refine and capture it is limited to the races who managed to figure out how to reverse engineer the right equipment and make it useful. Ferengi have begun to come to the outback in hopes to trade for Dark matter and dark matter technology.
The outback has itis believed not even half the amount of stars as the milky way, therefore the amount of life inhabiting systems will be expectedly much smaller.

Some of the Strange Aliens of the Outback

The Wrathen are a Tholian offshoot race apparently subject to capture and experimentation by the Iconians. Highly aggressive and possessing advanced dark matter weapons and a very complex defensive "cloud" of dark energy that seems to re direct incoming attacks as if a portable rift that the weapons fire into and not actually a shield system that can be weakened or damaged directly.

The War Monks are am ancient race on par with the Iconians technology and were at war with them thousands of years ago. There is no evidence they still exist, worlds encountered have some natives who worship them as gods, and ancient defenses left behind have triggered attacks on 26th Fleet ships.

The Nua are a powerful, but reclusive species residing within this dwarf galaxy. Although possessing great scientific curiousity, they have little desire to expand, and do not control any colonies or star systems beyond their home. However, numerous automated outposts are scattered throughout the region.

The Yeth Collective

The Yeth appear as a race of bipedal humanoids but are in fact parasitic worms. Their hosts are nominally sentient, roughly equal to cro-magnons, but all the technological advancements are due to the highly intelligent parasites. Children are bonded with a worm once they are beyond the toddler stage in their development. Culturally, they are driven by social pressures to be dominant in any social setting, and every pursuit imaginable - from military to science to the arts - is a battleground of fierce proportions.

There are many race who seem to have reverse engineered Iconian and war monk technology to a degree over millennia, and have made use of it to defend themselves or prosper.

The Dyson Sphere...

In the perfect center of the Outback lays the Dyson Sphere. It is unknown at this time what effect the sphere has on the area but the massive amounts of energy the Structure puts out tells us that it is an essential part of the "ecosystem" of the dwarf galaxy. Weather it stops the bubble from popping or keeps the galaxy in a stable orbit has yet to be seen.

How to Explore the Outback.

IC: Starfleet command has commandered one of the huge traffic transwarp gates near Earth and given it over to the Starfleet corps of Engineers and the scientists from Jupiter station. The details are rather technical but the yellow and blue shirts describe lining up the transwarp gate to shoot thru space into a portal near New Australia and then thru most of the Outback space to Starbase Preatorian as "trying to hit a bullet with a smaller bullet whilst wearing a blindfold, riding a horse." However they have assured us at this time that it can be done and is mostly safe.

OOC: Feel free to join the fleet itself! Check us out here at Or hit us up in the channel SB381 for IC and OOC permissions to come visit us in the great old Outback. If you have any questions at all someone will be there to answer it for you. Come get back to some classic star trek. Exploring the great unknown!


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