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# 1 Romie's upside down
12-30-2013, 02:43 AM
I should have recorded this but I didn't, men I hope when the devs are coming back from vacation they finally start doing something to the bugs in PVE.

When I enter the romie missions in the Fed PVE it was a mess...
Mountains in the middle of the road romie's trapped inside it shooting at you and no way to shoot back....
That was that mission with the mighty fleets engaging each other !!

Divide the empera had some minor bugs very annoying...

Ships that disappear and suddenly appear in the rear starting shooting at you, Tactical team that should provide you with cover that didn't work.

I must say it's becoming a mess on the Fed side with devs turning their attention only to the Voth .... But it's challenging I must add you never know when or where you hit a bug in the system, yesterday 9 bugs total. Had about 22 times where I enter a map where the enemy was 22 plus instead of zero.... And so on and so on.

Well to be blunt I'm happy when it's 2014 they finally can patch this game I reported each bug but noone ever answered I think I never found the bugs reported in the list of known issues...

Happy new year anyway !!

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