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Today I went on Tribble and took a look at the two new Romulan shuttles (basically the scout ship and science ship from The Next Generation). How are they shuttles? shouldn't they be too large?

I have looked at some non-canon size comparison charts and they put the ships in the region of 90m long. According to Memory Alpha, the script states that the science ship was supposed to be around half the size of the Enterprise D which would make it around 300m long. Now the shuttles already in the game should be in the range from around 8-10m for normal shuttles and around 20-35m for runabout style shuttles. At these figures the Romulan scout ship and Science vessels would be more than twice the length (based on the 90m figures) coming a little short of Bird of Prey size or around the size of a Constitution class if you use the 300m size based on the script.

Now as much as I love shuttles and having variety, I personally believe that these ship models would be better suited as normal starships with the scout ship as a kind of light cruiser with some tactical abilities which is how I would see a tier 5 Miranda if they ever made one. The science vessel could be made comparable to the Nova class. As for the level, I personally would put them in at tier 2 with retrofits in the zen store and fleet variants as they have done with fed and kdf tier 2 ships
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07-18-2013, 05:59 PM
The Science ship and Scout ship shared a similar model. The Scout ship was small ship which was easily single manned, the Science ship on the other hand was larger. So they have both large and small to choose from.

Plus like you said the size charts you used are non-canon...
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07-18-2013, 08:36 PM
Any size given for the Scout ship being larger than a runabout sized vessel are full of it.

The science vessel on the other hand is much larger.
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07-19-2013, 01:46 AM
To see how really stupid the 90 meter figure on the scout would be I scaled it relative to a Bird of Prey (assuming it's 110 mters long) and this is the result:

just look at the size of thos cockpit windows and you how stupid that is.

In case of the science ship version I'd have preferred it if they had made it a seperate ship...emphasis in ship.
It had seperate section with bulkheads between them and over 70 people aboard.
And engineering itself was bigger than a shuttle.
I know the complaint that there would then be ships with the similar parts but at different sizes. Well in that case I can only say "look at the Cheyenne's saucer, look at the Galaxy's saucer and think again...this is already in the game"

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