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"HOW EXACTLY DID WE END UP IN A GUNFIGHT ON RISA?!", Redshirt Raphael exclaimed quite loudly as the plant behind his head disintingrated under the heavy disruptor fire keeping the band suppressed behind rocks in a cave on Risa.
"If we do not deal with this current situation in the next 2 point 7 minutes, even with our jetpacks we're going to be late for the gig," Assimilated Astrid reported.
"The Orions obviously do not have the numbers to just storm the cave," Rockin' Roxie the Robot added, "If they did, they would not have kept us suppressed this long.

They had the package which the Orions were obviously here to recover, thanks to the tip from her Ferengi contacts on Drozana. The mult-cultural Lolunat Festival provided a perfect opportunity for various lowlives around the galaxy, and not a few secret government operations to conduct business, all right under the eye of the galaxy's biggest powers. That was what had led Miranda Mayhem to Risa in the first place. A tip from a Ferengi she knew on Drozana that the Orion Syndicate had arranged for an exchange with some Deferi. It had taken not a fair bit of work exploring Risa, a little flirtation, and a whole lot of investigative work from her team, but now, here they were, pinned down by the Orion Syndicate in an out of the way, mostly hidden cave on Risa. AND the gig she had been forced to schedule for the band to get the location of the cave from a beachcomber named Pavyl was in 15 minutes.

~Raphael was kind of freaking out. Why did the Redshirts always freak out?~
"Roxie what's in that damned box?" Miranda asked, as a rock crumbled nearby from the disruptors.

"Scanning now," the robot reported, "but it is going to take a minute. The casing is shielded."

"We don't have a minute, give me the box." She grabbed the locked black case from her drummer. "They want whatever's in here." She set her pulsewave weapon to it's maximum setting, then tossed the case into the air past the rocks they were crouched behind, and fired disintegrating the case.

For half a breath, the Orion's stopped firing. Half a breath was all that the band needed.

Astrid came out from behind her cover with dual pistols firing. Roxie fired her split beam taking out three of the Orions. Miranda rolled and dodged through the
surprised Orion's counter attack, firing as the band moved forward toward the cave entrance. Syndicate Operatives fell in their path.

Raphael was smiling. This was unexpected. When he had signed up with "Redshirt's Intergalactic Mercenary Corp" he hadn't figured to live past his first assignment, and now here he was, his first Away team adventure, in an exciting firefight with the Orion Syndicate following a bad ass superspy rock band that were killing all the bad guys in front of him. He was going to get to see their show in like 10 minutes.

Why did his chest hurt so bad all of a sudden?

"Ahhh #&%$ !" Miranda exclaimed as a stray disruptor shot from the last of the Orions whizzed past her and exploded Raphael's chest. She drew her sword, dropping the pulsewave, and with one swift action disarmed the Orion, catching the gun in the air, and smiling at the orion. Then knocked him out with the pommel of the sword across the face.

"If we activate our floaters in the next 20 seconds, we should arrive at the beach, just in time for Pavyl's Unauthorized beach party," Astrid reported.

"What about Redshirt Raphael?" Roxie asked

"Contact the ship," Miranda said activating her floater as they walked into the Risian night, "Have them bring his body onboard, and contact that mercenary company. Tell them we'll need a new redshirt." The three of them lifted off into the sky, and saw the blazing bonfire light on the beach Pavyl had told them about.

The ship would have already transported their instruments down.

Miranda and the MAYHEMS were never late to a gig.

Accolade Achieved : Unauthorized Beach Party

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Miranda Mayhem first gig :

She's made it a long ways

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