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The upcoming Veteran Admiral jacket draws a lot from the Republic Neutral uniform. That in itself is pretty nice to see this kind of continuity. However, it brings about a flaw along with that.

The fabric/texture of the Republic Neutral uniform is very matte. Contrary to the usually glossier Fed/KDF uniforms, the Republic Neutral uniform textures seem to have rather weak specular values, which means that light sources will not play across them in the same way they would other outfits.

One of the best demonstration I got from that was during the "Colliseum" mission. The Nopada Dessert has this great ground map which, in my opinion, has some of the best lighting work in the game.

When I use my Republic Federation uniform on that map and move around, I usually "Ohh" and "Ahh". There are a lot of glossy surfaces on the Faction-aligned uniforms and this makes them much more interesting to the eye.

But then if I switch costumes and grab my Republic Neutral uniform, what I get is some drab outfit that the light sources barely interact with. By contrast, it's boring and disappointing.

It's not that I dislike the design of the Republic Neutral uniform. In fact, I'm very fond of them. But they're a huge letdown in texture quality when coupled with the lighting of your environments... and that's why I usually stick to my Fed-aligned uniforms.

When I think Veteran Uniforms, I think of the glossier, attractive bling we get with the Jupiter uniforms. But by basing your Republic Admiral uniform on the Republic Neutral outfit, you're kind of falling in the same visual trap I just explained.

So, I greatly encourage you to revisit those textures and make sure to optimize the specular values for them. Surely something better can be done with the Veteran uniforms than having them look matte. Suggestion: the squares over the fabric have a very slight gloss to them. Perhaps this could be significantly spruced up?

Thank you for your consideration.

* * *

edit: on addition, I would make the following claim.

I do not agree that quality-wise, this meets the benchmark set by the other veteran outfit revealed in the game (such as the Jupiter uniforms). The Republic Admiral outfit shouldn't count as a Veteran reward, and rather be given out when a Romulan character reaches admiral rank, similarily to the Federation admiral coat.
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So what we need is a choice. Matte and Gloss textures. Like some of the Federation uniforms have.
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Originally Posted by psiameese View Post
So what we need is a choice. Matte and Gloss textures. Like some of the Federation uniforms have.
Seems like a good solution to me.
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I wouldn't be adverse to that. The 'decorated' portion of the Romulan Admiral Uniforms does add something for light to play with that was absent from the Neutral uniforms that's rather welcome for me, but adding the option of changing the gloss on the fabric would be great.

The shoulders still remain a problem, though. The Veteran Admiral uniform's shoulder are very ordinary-looking - it's very Federation-like that way. Of course, there are rank pauldrons... but ever since the loop cloth on those have been widened in the Romulan TNG uniform patch they've just looked ridiculously wide on my character (the Veteran Dilithium NPC on the Commander Center's rotunda shows how the pauldrons were before).

Basically, I don't want to use the pauldrons now because they now look ridiculous... which leaves very little option but to just look and see at... bland-looking shoulders. It would have been nice to see those somehow at least as pointy the Romulan Dress Uniform, or to get Veteran Pauldrons to go with that uniform.
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