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Ever since the Romulan TNG outfits came out, the Dual Shoulder Pads pauldrons accessible for Romulan females have had their scale altered. The cloth loops at the side of the shoulder, rather than being comfortably snug, are now floating much wider and it looks rather silly over the slim shoulders of Romulan females.

You don't have to take my word for it; you can look for yourselves:
The Veteran Dilithium Refiner at New Romulus Command Center (to the left) has the pauldrons as we had them before - snugly close, the loops of cloth growing less wide than the pauldron itself.

To the right, there's my character Mhae, whom sports the Vice Admiral pauldrons for the occasion. See how wide the loops of cloth are in comparison?

Cryptic, the pauldrons were fine before, but I figure you wanted to change them to limit the clipping they would cause with the TNG outfit. Well and good, but it makes them look far less appealing on pretty much ALL the other outfits Romulan females could wear.

I'm asking you to fix this; to return the pauldron to the way they were before the Romulan TNG costumes came out. If you feel absolutely compelled to avoid pauldron clipping with the TNG outfits, please just include the rescaled pauldrons as "Wide" variants and let us enjoy what was fine before once more.
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