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Having sold all our supplies to a band of ferocious midgets, we of the Flat Earth Society set forth to find a means of preventing falling over the edge of the Earth to make up our losses.

All was going well until we lost our footing and fell into the cosmos, thus becoming the first ever astronauts.

Following a Map drawn by a strange Alien called Qweetoo we were able to get a foot hold in a sytem in the Eta Eridani region of the Galaxy.

After many many months of tireless construction we eventually fashioned a rudimentary can opener (we left ours on earth) and finally got round to the beans on toast that Trey had been craving for months.

Two years went by and our numbers dwindled. first Gloxor fell into a spatial ravine, then Shuman got phased by touching the wrong conduit.

Now there are just us few left fighting to survive in a Galaxy that is Harsh and unforgiving.

So there you have the back story......

The fleet is a young fleet, 3 months old. Our Starbase is tier 2 (halfway to 3), our Embassy is Tier 1 and the Dilithium mine is upgradiing the second of the sub-tiers which will be followed by the tier 1 upgrade.

As you can see, we are a group of dedicated gamers who enjoy all types of game-play. We are friendly and talk when online and have the use of a Teamspeak 3 server. We are UK based but have members from all of the flat surface of the Earth......

We are all doing various reputation events, we organize fleet activities to gather resources, we share information and help people with bootstrapping sessions (want to learn how to get all the objectives in the STF and stay alive)?

Feel free to Join us.
grab your Ship.....
Set course for the edge....
and take the plunge.........

Contact @krilldarn in game or send your requests via PM
Career Officer
Join Date: Feb 2013
Posts: 87
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07-19-2013, 08:40 AM
i know bumping is not allowed so i thought i would add that the mine will be fully tier 1 one sunday......(we have already provisioned for warpcores)

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