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The current changes to fighters seem to result in an overall dps loss which, as stated by Cryptic, is unintentional.

Another issues that has been reported is the firing arc issue with dual cannons for fighter pets.

Adding the two together, my proposed solution is to replace all dual cannons on fighter pets with single cannons. Not only will this be a much easier fix than applying AI changes, it would also be fitting since player controlled shuttles come equipped with larger arced weapons. Also, the larger arc would increase overall dps because the fighters would be able to shoot a whole lot more.

Of course, being that simple I'm obviously overlooking something, so I'm asking you: what's kind of holes can you shoot in this suggestion?:-)
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07-22-2013, 04:50 AM
The AI changes are much more pressing than the UI.

The following example is not hypothetical as it happens in almost every STF I do - what do I do when I'm at the center or left cube in CSE and my pets are ignoring the carrier commands and still pound the right cube!? As of this moment, Crytic does not have a solution and are restricting me to use the only way I have - respawning the wings.

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