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I decided to go and try the very first mission now with my Klingon character...just to see what it was like since my Klingon was one of those that started at Level 20.

Well, I was able to get into the Warehouse Doors once and then the connection timed out. Now, each and every time I try to load my Klingon character using either Safe or Normal login, once the loading screen gets to 35%, I get a "server not responding" error and a Timeout...taking me back to the main login screen.

Basically, I am now unable to play my Klingon character...which means all the time that I've put into Risa this month is for nothing and if I can't log in with this character I won't be able to complete my Pearl missions and receive my Risa Corvette.

Edit - I have no problem whatsoever logging in with my Fed or Romulan characters...just the Klingon one.

Edit 2 - After doing a file verify, I was finally able to log into my Klingon character. Mods, you can delete this thread if you like.

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