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# 1 broken boff and captain powers
07-20-2013, 04:26 AM
noticing that most of the skills in my fed sci captain ships commander and lt commander stations are greyed out and wont work. have tried emptying the station and re-slotting a boff but nothing. even a totaly new boff has the same problem. also Iv noticed my captains skills subnucleonic beam and scattering field are disabled. edit now photonic fleet has stopped working too.
Have tried swapping ships. no joy there, got scattering field back but nothing else. swap back to my original ship and back to square one.
captain is fed sci, ship is LR sci retrofit, specific boff powers that Iv noticed disabled are haz emmiters, grav well, tykens rift. on my captain its SNB, scattering field and photonic fleet

Edit: looks like the problem is the deflector dish on my ship. swapping it out re-enabled the out of combat powers and Im guessing the incombat ones are active again too. This however is a new problem as Im using a MKXI MACO deflector and I cant replace that. got it back in the old STFs and Iv never bothered with rep. so if any GM out there would like to respond to the in game ticket Iv subbmitted but still had no response to Id be grateful.
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# 2
08-19-2013, 06:29 PM
Did you ever Get a response from the GM?

I have seen similr issues on blogs before i joined STO and it turned out to be a damaged module, repairing the ship/healing the boffs worked to correct the issue, that is if your playing on Difficulty higher than norm or you wouldn't get this type of damage.

I assume you Also checked the patch/game files for a Missing/Corrupted File? This has caused weird issues like this in other games for me, if you run the check prog it will let you know if their is any issues.

Of-coarse the ultimate check for Machine v. Game is to install a fresh copy of STO on dif Machine or boot partition.

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