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The update on Thursday, in addition to the massive crashing fixed by yesterday's crash also broke LoD texturing. The game will quickly get into a state where it treats all textures as lowest quality.

Sometimes, it will change it's mind and return to normal, but them randomly go back. Sometimes, by changing the Anti-alias settings, I can convince it to return to normal quality, but it's not permanent, nor is there any rhyme or reason behind it. For instance, if the Anti-aliasing is set at 8x, turning AA off will fix it. Then it will break again and turning the AA back to 8x might fix it. Or it might not.

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07-20-2013, 10:22 AM

Also the game seems to downscale textures as soon as you are over the 800MB limit or something, this game doesnt even fully utilize cards that support like 2GB of video memory, it simply doesnt go over it.

Ive tried auto, i tried the maximum 1024+MB setting for video memory limit. it all doesnt work.

DX11 has been so crappy since LoR it eats CPU and lowered FPS by tons. so thats no solution either.

This game is slowly getting into a state of total collapse and totally aimed at old Chinese computers.

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