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# 1 Tholian Recluse issues
07-20-2013, 06:37 PM
I snagged up a Recluse from the Lobi Store (so I have quite a bit invested in it) and am liking it so far, however I wanted to try out some mesh weavers to see what they are like, went to DS9 to purchase the "Free" ones, says I need to own the Recluse first... I do, its set as primary, used it in a few STFs and used its hanger pets too... so there shouldent be an issue, I even renamed it to Tiger's Claw, so I gave it a day and tried back at ESD, still no dice... says I need to own the Recluse first... BUT I DO OWN IT!!! I notice there is a thread here regarding the Roms having much the same issue... please fix it... it would seem to be a simple matter of seeing whats in the players ship inventory and saying AH!!! this captain has the required ship... go for it.

and yes I submitted a ticket for it as well.

Also can we get some kind of window that pops up once one launches a pet that says how many are out and what their status is? I also have the 3-pack Oddy and would love to know the status of my saucer or escort, heck for them even the same carrier commands too.

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