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# 1 -Guardian Command-
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Guardian Command
We are the Sword and Shield


The Guardians are extending recruitment for new Starfleet members from UK/Europe players, but other members are able to sign up if they wish.

The Guardian Command is a small, active fleet that has been exploring the universe for a long period of time. We can be quiet, and we can be chatty at the same time. To put it simple, we are a casual fleet to go around with.


Current Holdings


A tier 3 Starbase, heading over steadily to tier 4 at the moment. Upgrading Communication's Array and steadily heading over towards tier 4 Fabricating Facility.


Tier 1 Embassy, will begin upgrading to tier 2 whenever the timer for the Diplomatic facility completed.

Dilithium Mining
Still under construction, 2 Days before completion. Moving steadily on completing another project in the process


Short and simple, with hope to be able to see you all in game, and perhaps, joining us to create a better environment to the gameplay. If there's any other information, feel free to send me a PM or you can join us in our Facebook group:


We hope to see you all there!
Best wishes and good day.

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08-17-2013, 05:42 PM
Current Update

Embassy Tier Two

Dilithium Mining Tier One


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