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This is frustrating. My character is romulan allied with KDF.

When I reached level 11 I was able to claim the Klingon DS9 bundle to get the bajoran pistol, rifle, and pack containing 3 duty officers. I was able to add the doffs to my roster.

But the doffs wouldn't show up for any assignments. Even assignments that require something specific like a doff from a specific department or trait, I could plan the assignment but couldn't start it because the doff wouldn't show up at all to assign to the mission.

After I reached level 21 I was finally able to claim my season 7 and LoR test reward tribbles (known issue, fix coming). I completed 'Mine Enemy' and leveled up to 22 and warped back to New Romulus. I still wasn't able to use them in any doff assignments.

So I discarded the bajoran weapons (can't reclaim bundle if you own either of them), dismissed all 3 duty officers, and reclaimed the Klingon DS9 bundle.

Now when I try to open the box with the doffs I get 2 error messages at the same time: "[System] [RewardPackOpenFailure] You must make room in your duty officer roster to complete the transfer of these new officers." and "[Inventory] You may only have one of a unique item.".

#1 I no longer have them in my roster because I dismissed them.
#2 At this point I only have a total of 27 duty officers.

I have 20 assignments going at this time and my only guess is once they're all complete, and before I start anymore, I'll be able to open the box with the doffs. For some reason the game thinks I still have them even though they were dismissed and it thinks I have no room even though I have only 27 doffs.

I don't have any duty officers on active space or ground duty either.

I even tried exiting the game after discarding the weapons and doff pack and after logging in reclaimed the bundle again with no luck.
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# 2
07-23-2013, 06:32 AM
while we're at it it would be realy swell if Kdf allied romulans, could use the romulan doff npc on New romuls command to upgrind/downgrind doffs from Delta Quadrant Duty officer pack (haven't tried temporal doff pack yet)
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# 3
07-23-2013, 11:14 PM
You're not the only one.

The same problem has happened with a fresh Klingon Eng toon I rolled a few days ago.

I've ticketed it but haven't had any reply for 7 days. Not even an acknowledgement.

Just in case they come by the forums and see this, here's the issue:

The three duty officers provided by the klingon DS9 pack can be seen in the roster. However, when it comes to assignments they cannot be seen or used. This occasionally results in believing it is possible to begin an assignment, but after clicking on it no Doffs appear.

This is with both a Romulan (Kli affiliated) and Klingon toon.

I'd suggest if anyone else is having this issue just to wave on this thread and see what happens.

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# 4
07-24-2013, 12:18 AM
Having searched the forums a bit, it would appear that these doffs will be available at lvl ~22ish...possibly.

Still a bug though, still needs fixed .
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# 5
07-24-2013, 01:32 AM
Originally Posted by lracnagor View Post
Having searched the forums a bit, it would appear that these doffs will be available at lvl ~22ish...possibly.

Still a bug though, still needs fixed .
Yes. When I was about level 23 or 24 I tried again and was able to to open the box and can now use the doffs from the DS9 bundle for assignments.

I just had an idea of what causes the problem. Before LoR launched, KDF didn't get access to the duty officer system until around level 22 or 23 if I remember right. So it's another one of those c-store bugs that is going by the old KDF level system and it's affecting romulans allied with KDF.

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