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# 1 Thalaron Pulse Idea
07-25-2013, 08:31 AM
After messing around with the new Scimitar (love it btw) I can't stop thinking about how I wish the Scimitar had a similar mechanic to the Guramba's Siege Mode.

Here is my idea

Thalaron Siege Mode

To activate and deactivate Siege Mode takes 10 seconds with same movement and ability penalty that is currently in the game.
+10 Weapons
+10 Auxiliary
-50 Turn Rate
-10 Engines
Thalaron Pluse activation dropped to 6-8 seconds but still has same movement and abilities penalty while using Pulse.
While in Siege Mode cannot activate Cloak.
Thalaron Pulse cooldown dropped to 1 minute as long as you stay in Thalaron Siege Mode.

I'm sure this could use some modification because it would take 26 seconds to use the attack and go back into normal mode but at least this gives you an idea of what I was thinking.

Give me some constructive criticism please

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