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I've noticed significant bits of clipping from the new Veteran Admiral uniform models on my female romulan character while using the seductive stance.

The clipping appears to occur between the upper piece of the costume and the Romulan Veteran undershirt around the collar area in at least two spots.

Also the 'triangle buckle' that's at the back of the waist tends to clip through the uniform during the walking/running/sprinting cycle.

A big-breasted romulan female BOFF of mine has her impressive assets clip through. If the breast slider goes over 60%, that's when the clipping starts to become noticeable.

There also is a rather impressive amount of clipping when I try on skirts - the romulan dress uniform skirt, for instance, looks pretty bad.

The Veteran Romulan boots will also clip with certain pants, such as the Romulan Dress Uniform ones.
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