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# 1 Federation Frigates?
07-25-2013, 12:45 AM
I REALLY want some frigates for my Atrox carrier, especially considering the recent carrier system updates.

The first thing I was thinking about was a Defiant-class pet, that could be equipped on any Federation (or Federation-aligned) carrier. For example, you could have;

Hanger - Defiants: Phaser Dual Cannon, Phaser Turrets, Photon Torpedos, Torpedo: High Yield I, Cannon Rapid Fire I

Hanger - Advanced Defiants: Phaser Dual Cannon Cannon, Phaser Dual Beam Bank, Phaser Turrets, Quantum Torpedos, Beam Overload I, Torpedo High Yield II, Cannon Rapid Fire II

Hanger - Elite Sao Paulos: Phaser Dual Cannon, Phaser Dual Beam Bank, Phaser Turrets, Quantum Torpedos, Beam Overload II, Torpedo High Yield III, Cannon Rapid Fire III

The second thing I was thinking was a class of frigate exclusive to the Atrox. Its only fair, as all other carriers have their own unique frigate hangers. Something like this;

Hanger - Prowler Frigates: Tetryon Dual Heavy Cannon, Tetryon Turrets, Thoron Pulse, Cannon Rapid Fire I, Attack Pattern Omega I, Mask Energy Signature I

Hanger - Advanced Prowler Frigates: Tetryon Dual Heavy Cannon, Tetryon Turrets, Photon Torpedos, Thoron Pulse, Antiproton Sweep, Cannon Rapid Fire II, Attack Pattern Omega II, Mask Energy Signature II

Hanger - Elite Prowler Frigates: Tetryon Dual Heavy Cannon, Tetryon Beam Array, Tetryon Turrets, Photon Torpedos, Thoron Pulse, Antiproton Sweet, Cannon Rapid Fire II, Attack Pattern Omega III, , Battle Cloak

The above would be (or should be, in my opinion. I could be wrong) in balance with other ship-exclusive carrier pets (comparable to the Kar'Fi exclusive Fer'Jai Frigates or the Jem'Hadar Dreadnought Carrier exclusive JHAS pets), and would also keep to the "stealthy/anti-stealth" profile of Caitain ships in STO so far.

Anyway, thats just a suggestion.
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# 2
07-25-2013, 07:22 AM
Those Defiants have too many weapons and too many weapon abilities.
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# 3
07-25-2013, 07:26 AM
also, you wont see defiant pets on a non-starfleet ship, the atrox is of federation origin, but its on loan to Starfleet from the caitians, you might see caitian frigates, but likely not starfleet ones.

p.s. the defiant isn't a frigate, or frigate class ship as an npc, frigate class fed ships are the Miranda line and its equivalents.
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# 4
07-25-2013, 07:50 AM
Given that the only full carrier on the fed side is the Atrox, it'd like to see the corresponding frigate be Caitian in design.

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# 5
07-25-2013, 08:13 AM
Originally Posted by sdmaxwell View Post
Those Defiants have too many weapons and too many weapon abilities.
Did you really expect to see a reasonable and balanced request?

To the OP. Defiants are Escort class. And that's in name only the Defiant is a 100% warship, they are not Frigates. And both suggested frigates are quite OP. The Elite BoP class Frigate gets 3 weapons and 2 Tier 3 abilities. Yet you load 4 Weapons and 3 Abilities onto your Frigates.

Moving on, Frigates are not multi carrier ships they are 100% bound to a single ship. Klingons can't run BoPs in the Kar'fi it has to run it's own Frigates. A Klingon Recluse will never launch BoPs only Mesh Weavers, a Romulan Jem'Hadar Dreadnought Carrier will not launch Drone ships only the Bug, and only if you own a Bug. So the Atrox will only ever launch Catian Frigates.

Now I do agree with you but, Every Carrier deserves to have it's own Frigate and own Fighter. Every Carrier except the Atrox has this. Adding a Catian designed Frigate to the Atrox not only makes sense but is fair. It also gives a good incentive to the Fleet Atrox/Kar'fi by treating the Frigate as the Unique console.

I'm aware the Elite Stalkers have Battle Cloak, but I don't think Federation ships (even those on loan) should come with Battle Cloaks. Also just to be clear here on how Battle Cloak works on Hanger Pets (Both Frigates and Fighters). When you set them to Recall mode they cloak. They do not cloak at any other time despite the advantage it would/should give them. With the upcoming changes to Carriers unless they make the AI much smarter Battle Cloak is next to useless on Hanger pets.

I am not against Mask Energy Signature or Jam Sensors I just don't think that cloaking fits the theme of the Federation.
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# 6
07-25-2013, 05:33 PM
Jim the Federation hanger pets are dead.

To say I'm appalled at the new patch is an understatement. I'm losing pets right and left while Klingons and Romulans are getting buffed because there frigate pets survive to make use of the rank system.
The fact that the new patch strikes at weaker hanger pets makes this not only a nerf against weaker hanger pets but a strike against the federation in general because we have no frigate pets to compensate.

Ages ago when I first got my carrier even then I could tell the federation needed frigate pets but now it's just become painfully obvious. Either they have to make some dramatic changes to fighters or give the federation some frigate pets. Other wise if they don't federation carriers will go the way of the dinosaurs , left out in space alone with only a single trek episode to mention their existence.

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# 7
10-26-2013, 07:20 AM
i think Saber would be better than Defiant as pets.
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# 8
10-26-2013, 07:29 AM
Imho using Defiants as hangar pets is uncreative. I'd rather see some unique, carrier-frigate design, preferrably Caitian. Also as others mentioned, the abilities and weapons suggested are way over the top.
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# 9
10-26-2013, 08:05 AM
Would definitely like to see caitian-themed frigates for my atrox. I use stalkers for theme, even though some of the other hangar pets are statistically better, but I wish I had something with the caitain design that wasnt so squishy.

I think instead of calling them frigates, though, they should be bombers - maybe not have quite the resilience of fer'jai or bird of prey frigates, but close to that, and focusing on heavier weapons. I miss my wing commander days, going into battle with a mix of fighters for interception and bombers for anti-capship duty =P

Perhaps something about 2-3x the size of a stalker fighter that carries high yield thoron torpedoes (based on the thoron pulse that the stalkers use, but maybe a targettable projectile with an aoe blast and higher damage). I'd say even go so far as to give the elite versions enhanced battle cloaks, so that the bombers will stay stealthed except for the few seconds it takes to fire their torpedoes (like the player-flown t5 bird of prey or t'varo).

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# 10
10-26-2013, 08:18 AM
Defiants aren't frigates. Mirandas, Shi-Kahrs, and Centaurs are.

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