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Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
Like the one guy who posted earlier said.... It's possible they figured it out. They had a lot of spare time to work on it....

Such as the "irreplaceable" parts. Sure you can't manufacture an exact duplicate, but it's possible to make something that does the same job.
If they had devoted so much as a minute of screen time to this concept, VOY might well have become my favorite series. There's a reason why, in the Literary Challenges, Grunt keeps getting these falling-apart ships; I've mentioned a few times in the stories that Chief Engineer Vovonek's improvised repairs can keep them flying long past their sell-by date. And if B'Elanna Torres had earned those LCDR pips by McGyvering the engines every time some irreplaceable part broke or wore out, it would have been glorious.

Instead, we got -- well, what we got. No worries about ever running out of anything.
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I agree that it would have been nice to have seen more of that. But... there are a lot of eps were it HAD to take a back seat.

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I don't know the details, but i think one of the biggest problem of that show was the producers had no real roadmap how the voyage should develop.
(And if they had one, they did a awful job)
They seemingly just went from one episode to the next, without having even a general idea what do to with it. They didn't even tought it was necessary to keep track of destroyed shuttles or fired torpedoes.

Surely they had a new concept but besides that, most stories could have been told in federation space.
But what's the point of that show?
The more i think about it, the less i understand it.
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Originally Posted by jumpingjs View Post
If you dislike it (I really like it be honest, it may even be my favourite series, personally),


I may need to write these down, and use them as part of my report.

(For your information, I am aiming to try and get a new Star Trek series)
There are SO many reasons. We can start with Janeway's decision-making from the first episode, followed by the kind of idiotic attempts to make her look "Strong" when, frankly, the character wasn't.

we can continue with Chakotay's wooden-indian parody, Tuvok's wooden acting, the annoying and supremely useless Neelix (Snarf!), we can continue with the half-assed Klingon knockoff "Kazon"...and that leads us to writing issues.

trapped. inside. a. Black HOLE (well, the event horizon of one). this one might've been fine for the rubes with no idea, might've been nice of them to consult more than one pop-culture book written by a physicist thirty years before the show was filmed.

Too much of Voyager relied not only on "Treknobabble" but also on bad, and inconsistent science inside the universe.
Add in that they were supposed to be operating withou a net, without support, on a ship that wasn't designed to operate that way, some seventy years' travel at maximum warp from their home base.

And that's just the first season.

Now, I remember from all the promotionals before the show aired, that they were openly stating a desire to "get back to" the feeling of the Old Series.

They brought back the wrong parts of the old series-the treknobabble, the "Hit you over the head with it" morality plays.

Watching as a parody of Star Trek, Voyager even failed here-it took itself SO seriously, while having so little content worthy of taking seriously.

In the end, it did eventually get some good writing, and the actors eventually did find a groove-from time to time, but by then it was "Star Trek, Seven of Nine (Featuring Voyager)".

To give you some grasp of how thoroughly Voyager failed from the get-go...they had to bring in Q multiple times, and add a sexy blonde because the Captain was a two dimensional joke (as were the rest of the crew). By way of comparison:

Sisko (Deep space 9) came unwrapped with depth of character and an interesting backstory-right from Episode 1 he also became a man of Destiny-and they didn't overplay the hand. DS9 used Q exactly ONE TIME, never had to fall back on the Borg, and could actually rely on the supporting cast for interesting stories. (The various Dax stories, the various Quark stories, Kira's Bajoran experiences, even O'Brien's adventures.)

Picard (TNG) showed up as a consummate professional from the first episode onward, with flaws and room to grow acknowledged. there were some hiccups, but over-all the main characters were actually INTERESTING and experienced personal growth.

Janeway: never really changed or developed, the most interesting member of the crew was the holographic doctor-whom seemed the only one in the entire cast that got any actual character development over the run of the show, with cheesecake 7 of9 winding up being the Spock that Tuvok (Tim Russ) somehow couldn't QUITE pull off.
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